Making it a successful January 1.

And I have to say that I hope that our ritual does hold true.

I have managed to make to make today a pretty busy day. I did my best to squeeze in as much a possible. For example, I started my day off by sleeping in. I know, great start right? Who doesn’t like to sleep in? Then I had some nice quiet time while I got ready to watch the Rose Parade (my favorite New Year’s Day tradition and kudos to HGTV for a nice live and no commercial showing!).  Then I made some breakfast, nothing fancy but who doesn’t love Pillsbury cinnamon rolls fresh out of the oven?  Then it was some nice cuddling with Small Blonde while watching the parade.  I managed to get in a nice bath and some reading.  Unfortunately dear husband ended up taking Little Red to the express care for what we now know to be an ear infection.  That’s okay though, now there are drugs and he should sleep better.  We snuggled a bit too.

I put some stuff in the garbage (to make sure that I can get more things thrown out) and some stuff in the recycle (to make sure I can get more things recycled) and I put some things in the yard sale pile (to make sure I get rid of more stuff we don’t need).  I spent a few minutes in my crafting room (not really doing anything, but I wanted to make sure that I got in there because I need to put more time in on my crafting room) and I did some time crocheting.  I also put a few things away (because we need to do a lot of that) and got in a load of laundry (because it always seems like you start out all caught up and then it’s like a mountain)  Lastly, I wanted to make sure that I made some time for to write because I need to do more of that too.

Now, before I let this day completely go, I need to fit in a few sit ups and push ups, because I’m revolting against those extra pounds.  I suppose I really should weigh in tomorrow am so I know what I am really up against.  I did manage to drink more water than soda so that was another accomplishment today.

I don’t know about you, and I don’t mean to sound like a Negative Nancy, but I feel much better now that the cloud that was 2013 has lifted.  It sounds silly, but it feels like my shoulders are a little less weighed down and my head is held a little bit higher.  I hope that your 2014 started off on a good note and that the rest of your year goes smoothly.

If you have staged any revolts, let me know I would be happy to lend my support!  Besides, there is strength in numbers.

Happy 2014 to all and to all a Good Night!