Ahh, back to school.

It is our second full week of school and Small Blonde is enjoying 1st grade so far.  He seems to really like his teacher and I’m grateful for that.  However, he now has about a half our of homework every night.  Please know that I am not complaining that he has homework.  Most of it is really easy – reading together.  Some of it he must do on his own such as worksheets and now he gets a weekly spelling list and we practice those daily.  What we haven’t fallen into is a new routine to accommodate all of that plus Tae Kwon Do practice.

Currently we simply get started on it as soon as we get home.  However I’m wondering about whether or not it wouldn’t be better to do things in a different order.  Ahh, school.  I’m sure we will get it figured out pretty soon.

Little Red has one more year before heading off to preschool.  I am hoping that we will be able to have some fun one on one time.  I’m also hoping that I can get back to sewing during nap times.

Nothing really exciting to report, still need to finish painting and the floor is almost 1/2 way out.  With Labor Day weekend fast approaching, I’m optimistic that we will be able to accomplish a great deal. Hooray for a long weekend!!

Have you ever googled to see that the new trends in quilting are?  Such as new patterns or fabric lines?  Or do you just wait to see what your local shop gets in?  Sometimes I look to see what is going on in quilt shops on the East and West Coasts.  It seems like they tend to get things before we do here in the Midwest.    I’m okay with that, but sometimes I feel like I’m looking for something new.  After all there are so many fabric companies and lines of fabric and fabric designers and pattern designers and I know my local shops just can’t carry all of it.  That’s the main reason I enjoy visiting quilt shops when I’m traveling – you never know what new (or new to you) thing that you will find.

For the record I do google to see what the new trends are.  I just can’t help myself.  I like to see the new things.  I would have to say that the coolest stuff I’ve found while visiting quilt shops outside of my area would be my Japanese imported fabric.  I remember being astounded that it was $14 and change to buy off the bolt.  Little did I know that some years later that would almost be the standard for quilt shop fabric.  I did buy a yard (or maybe it was two….) and a scrap pack.  I haven’t used any of it yet and periodically I do get it out to fondle it.

What’s the coolest stuff you have found while out and about quilt shopping?