Have you missed us?

I’ll bet you have – after all we are a fun group!

Once again we have returned from retreat, which this blog was supposed to be chronicling. So, let’s get back to having some fun.

The monkeys were all in attendance and we now have two new members in our tribe. Both have sat with us a few times, but at this particular retreat it was time to give them names and make it official.

So, I would like to introduce you to Mabel and Wanda.

Mabel is local to us and is another over achiever so Blanche is in good company. This retreat Mabel was able to put together 3 baby quilts (start to complete tops) and got most of the way through a block of the month. Her favorite designer is Jay Bird Quilts. If you haven’t checked out her patterns, you can do that here. She does have some really fun stuff.

Wanda comes to us from a bit of a distance thanks to Blanche. She is currently taking some classes to get her degree in Chemistry. Wanda is a newer quilter – don’t want to say that she is brand new as she also completed two quilt tops from start to finish at retreat. She also put borders on a beautiful paper pieced star quilt. I’m not sure she has a favorite designer, but as Blanch has been mentoring her, I’m sure she will be designing her own stuff in no time. As soon as the degree is completed and her free time opens up some that is.

Retreat was wonderful again. Hattie and Blanche stepped down from The Committee that is In Charge. Hazel, Mabel, Sandra Dee and myself all stepped up to be a part of the new committee. I’m sure nothing could go wrong with all Monkeys in charge, right? Right?? Don’t worry, I will keep you posted.

It was an interesting retreat this time as well.  Each retreat we give Hattie a hard time because she takes multiple naps, sometimes doesn’t even get her machine set up let alone turn it on, and she has friends that she calls who then come to visit.  We call her the Queen holding court.  None of that came to pass.  None.

I’ll just let that sink in for a moment.

Hattie took zero naps.  Zero.  She not only got her machine set up, she turned it on AND sewed some paper pieced blocks.  There was much teasing from the group and Hattie took it all in stride.  Truthfully, we were all proud of her and glad to see her getting back into sewing.  However, this did mean that we did not have the opportunity to listen to any tunes on the dulcimer.  I’m still a bit disappointed about that.

Did we have anything funny go on at retreat? We were surrounded by lady bugs – well, maybe not lady bugs…they were more of those lady look-alike bugs.  They were everywhere including a million on the ceiling.  So much so, that Mabel and Blanche started canning them.   Well, really they were collecting them in their empty water bottles.  Seriously, they were everywhere.

Mabel also had an issue with some chalk on the quilt she was binding….when asked about it her response, was “Rub it until the stuff comes out”.  We were fairly happy that this came out early in retreat so that we could continue to use it throughout the weekend.  It became our answer for everything – I’m sure you can imagine the hilarity that ensued….

I’ll leave you with that for now.  If you have any trouble, just remember to rub it until the stuff comes out.