Because I need to check in.

After all we were just at retreat! I’m sure you are dying to know what we were up to there! I did have to leave early though. Like, a whole day early. That part was a bummer. However, Inez and I have a little business and we had committed to a craft show and you know those things always start at 0’dark thirty. Or at least that’s how we tell time at our house.

Retreat was wonderful. Inez is still recovering and was not able to come to retreat. Not because she was still recovering, but because she had to work. Either way we missed her. However everyone else was in attendance AND we initiated a new monkey into the tribe. That means I need a new pseudonym so bear with me as I come up with something suitable.

I’ll be glad to share with you some of our shenanigans, but first I need to (FINALLY) get Blanche’s post out about zentangle. I should mention that she made all of us incredibly jealous when she pulled out her art supplies. Did you know that they made ink pencils? Seriously. I never knew, but now I do know and I must have them. In fact I’m feeling a stronger pull to those than I am to the Copic markers.  I should mention also that she was not using these new art supplies on paper for doodling, but on fabric and not for zen tangling.

You can see what Blanch was tempting us with here and also these.  As far as the pencils go, she had the big set.  They were beautiful.  She also had some Shiva paint sticks and those are just always fun to work with.  If you haven’t tried them, get thee to a quilt shop or art store and ask someone to help you get started.  Or maybe Blanche can give us a run down on the different ways she was using these gorgeous art supplies?  I promise I won’t take as long to get things posted…nap times, I have to remember to use the nap times to my best advantage while I still can!

Well, I’ll leave you with this…code words and phrases from previous retreats made startling appearances at this retreat but I would say the most frequently used one and oddly appropriate (and expected inappropriate) times was “Everyone loves a happy ending”.  Please don’t make me explain it.

Happy Quilting and stay tuned for Zentangling!!  Oh!  I almost forgot!  One of the local art galleries in the area was hosting a zen tangle exhibit (sorry for splitting the word, suddenly spell check decided that it would give me more options than I wanted instead of just typing the word as I intended).  Did we go?  No.  However, we did look it up online and opted to support the quilt shops and bakeries in the area.  We were just sharing the joy of us.