Goodness gracious.

Just when we thought that one hurricane was enough…now we have Irma bearing down and looking to take no prisoners.  I’ve read many articles of late about whether one should or should not donate to the Red Cross.  I’ve also read a few articles on whether or not to donate/what to donate/how to donate/when to donate.

To that end, I have come up with my own conclusions.  I share them here because as quilters and crafters it seems to be in our nature to want to do something to help.  A quilt, an afghan, bottled water, something that brings comfort to someone in need.  I feel like we are all in the same boat.  Perhaps we are close in proximity, perhaps we are further afield from a disaster site.  Regardless, there is a pull to do something that can help and a feeling of helplessness that there doesn’t seem to be anything that can be done.

I am fortunate to have not been through anything similar to the devastation from fires, hurricanes, or earthquakes.  I have not seen first hand the responders that come on scene or the people driving from far away with items from well-meaning communities.  I can’t speak to any of that.  I am fortunate.

I also feel that pull to donate things that would bring comfort.  However, some of the articles I have seen seem to make sense and so I wait. I’m sure you may have seen similar pleas for not sending items now, that places become easily inundated with items that may not need and nowhere to stow them.   My local quilt guild was preparing to send items until they were contacted to not send items now, that there is too much to deal with and to wait.

So, what do we do in the mean time while we wait?  I’m sure some won’t. There always those who pack up and go and do because they feel that overwhelming need while others provide items to send to those in need.  I find myself reminded that charity begins at home.  There are ways to offer support in my local community to fulfill my desire to offer support.  My local food pantry is always in need of items as is the battered women’s shelter.  I could easily crochet more hats for Click for Babies for our local hospitals as well.  There’s no judgement here on what you decide to do.  After all we all have our own paths to walk and what is right for someone is not right for another.

For now I wait, and prepare my items for our local food pantry while Irma rages on.

I know that this doesn’t have much to do with crafting or quilting, but there seems to be so much more going on in the world today that sometimes we just need a moment to process.  Well, I need a moment to process anyway.

I promise we will get back to the crafting stuff soon.


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