Happy 4th!

Hopefully your summer is going well – that you are enjoying some nice quality time outside.  Things have been horribly wet here…but it looks like we should be getting a break.

In good news I picked up some more fabric for Small Blonde’s quilt.  I found zebra and giraffe and another panel that I thought he might like to help add some size.  We will see what we can accomplish with regards to redrafting the layout.  I think our blocks will be okay, it will just change the layout.  I’m sure once we get the block assembled the layout will work itself out.

In other good news I got the 1st quadrant put together for the wedding quilt.  Of course I still have the other 3/4 of the blocks to put together but at least it is some progress.  I’m hoping that with the holiday weekend I will have opportunity to get at least another quadrant of blocks together.  The really good news is that there are no borders so once the quadrants are together the quilt top will be done.

Hopefully you are making some progress on whatever you are working on.

It has been an interesting summer so far.  Whoever coined “the mouths of babes” phrase…well they really knew what they were talking about.  Most of my entertainment has come from words of the Small Blonde.  I’ll share the latest…as we were driving we passed a Call Julie before you dig billboard.  This prompted some questions from him.  Do we call Julie before we dig?  Of course it takes me a moment to figure out what he is talking about.  No, we don’t, we aren’t digging that deep.  Oh, but aren’t we supposed to?  No, we are just digging for plants. If we were digging for a foundation or to put posts in or something then we would need to call Julie.  What about bodies?  ……..No, I don’t think so……  Although if I think back a week he did ask about whether we had a candy thermometer and a rototiller.  I would really hate to think that this is all connected.

Hopefully there will be some more quilty news this week in the form of a completed quilt top!  Wouldn’t that be awesome!  I’m pretty excited to be close to finishing a project!  Maybe I can get started on paring down my UFO pile.  That would be a fairly major accomplishment.  Plus it would give me more storage space in my room and I could sure use that!

Happy 4th of July!  Stay safe and enjoy the holiday weekend!  I know I will be.  Hopefully with some quality sewing time!


Last week was a total bust.  I felt like I was making some much-needed progress on Wedding Quilt #2 and then it was time for Camp #1.  Which of course in my infinite wisdom takes place at the same time that Little Red should be going down for a nap.  So, Little Red got to hang out at the Children’s Museum while his big brother learned a little about cooking.  This didn’t always work out in my favor.  As you can imagine Little Red got fairly tired shortly before camp was over.  This made for much screaming and a very delayed nap time.  However, with delayed nap time I didn’t have my usual dedicated time in my sewing room.  Boo!

This week is shaping up much better already.  While I didn’t get sewing time today, I was able to get all the blocks squared up yesterday.  So yea!  Now I can look forward to having the top put together by the end of the week.  Bigger yea!  Then I can switch gears to start work on Small Blonde’s quilt.  I’m looking forward to getting going on that.  I don’t think it will take us too long to do, but I do want to be sure that we have time to get it done before school starts.  That’s a personal goal, but it should still be totally doable.  Of course there is still a little bit more shopping that needs to be done with regard to that project so I suppose I better start getting my act together to get that done fairly soon.

Wish me luck!


You weren’t thinking that I had forgotten again had you?  I most certainly had not!  However, there is still no quilting news to report.  Boo!  This week will pretty much be out for sewing time.  Why?  Well, the Small Blonde has a summer camp but it is in the afternoon which really interferes with Little Red’s nap time.  So, by the time we get home from camp and Little goes down for a nap and the Big Guy gets home from work.  So that pretty much shoots any quality time alone in the craft room.  At least is has so far…

To that end, I’ve been doing some more crocheting.   I’ll have to take some pictures because I haven’t done that yet…it’s back to amigurumi for me in the form of Star Wars and Disney characters.  This comes from some fun little kits at Sam’s.  So far Yoda has been easy, but I really do need a little quiet so I can focus since the yarn and hook are fairly small.  Not thread crochet small, but not the usual worsted weight size.

Stay tuned…I promise there will be pictures!

Don’t worry!

I didn’t spend all that time making sure I kept up with this only to abandon it later.  I don’t have much to report however.  Not much quilting going on the last few days and todays crafting was Lego’s.

It’s okay, you can laugh.  Small Blonde is into Lego’s.  Not heavily, but he does enjoy building.  To that end he has a “few” Lego sets that he has put together.  However, he has modified, disassembled, dropped, and otherwise mangled a few of them.  Honestly, I was getting kind of tired of stepping on the loose pieces in his room so I told him before he started any new kits that he needed to get the other ones put back together or put away.  I also told him I would help him.  So, today we began The Great Lego Reassembly Project.  I’m not sure how many we need to go through, but today we finished two and started a third.  He was disappointed when it was time to put them away, but we will continue to work on them and I’m sure that we will get them all straightened out before too long.  So far we are only missing 1 piece.  So far….

Anyway, my crafting has consisted of finishing up an afghan and starting something I haven’t done in a while.  Needlepoint.  I lost my Aunt around Thanksgiving last year and I laid claim to her craft supplies.  There are not many crafters in my family so I figure that I will share whatever I can finish of what she has started.  I think I have now exceeded my life expectancy to craft project ratio.  In the latest bundle of supplies, I found a needlepoint stocking that was barely started.  This became my project to take with me to Small Blonde’s Tae Kwon Do lessons.  I like to have something to do so the teacher can teach and I don’t feel obligated to get up and correct his behavior.  You know, because he is 6 and he has friends in class and he gets excited about things.  It has become my quiet time and I get a chance to work for an hour or so uninterrupted.  At first I brought crochet projects with me and when we first started I would be surrounded by boys during the break asking me lots of questions and telling me about their art.  Honestly, I loved every minute of those conversations.  Now they are used to me so it’s not such a novelty to see me working although they do still come to see when I have a new or different project.  The needlepoint will be much easier to cart back and forth and is easy to work on so we will see how long it takes me to get it done.

Or how soon I break down and start working on it outside of class.

I actually finished another project!

I know right?  Something gets marked off the to-do list!  Well, we shouldn’t get too excited, it’s really just the floor pillow and it was already most of the way done.  We had some stuffing on hand and so we stuffed what we could although I still needed to get the velcro and yet more stuffing.

Small Blonde was thrilled that we picked up a 5 lb box of fill and was even more thrilled when I got the velcro sewed on and we could finish the stuffing part.  The most exciting part for him was to take it downstairs and start using it with commenced with much jumping and laughing.  Little Red was still napping and fortunately they were able to share for the evening but I think that it won’t be long before I will need to make a second.

For now I will get back to work on some other projects of mine and get my shopping list together for fabrics for Small Blondes jungle quilt.

Before you ask, of course I took a couple of pictures.  Enjoy!

IMG_0863 IMG_0864

It was a lovely sewing day today.  I decided to pick up another UFO and do a couple of steps to it.  It was nice to work on something relaxed and without deadlines.  I also found some more poly-fil for the floor pillow but it still wasn’t enough.  I also managed to do some crocheting on a couple of projects.  Whew!

Since we were out of fill for the pillow and I needed some velcro to close it and I needed some more yarn to  finish off a couple of projects it was time to stop at the store.  Of course I got everything I needed including a 5 lb box of poly-fil.  Small blonde was very excited that we are going to finish the floor pillow tomorrow.  Part of me wonders whether I should have bought 2 boxes of fill…..

Of course, I had better get started on a second one because you know two boys aren’t going to be able to share nicely all the time….


It’s garden time!

That’s where I was yesterday.  Gardening.  We go to my mother-in-law’s to garden because it’s by grandpa’s farm and there’s lots of space. The bad thing is that it’s about an hour drive to get there.  The other bad thing is that yesterday we put in about 2/3 or better of the garden.  Broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, cabbage, hot and mild peppers, tomatoes, radish, carrots…..okay, I won’t bore you with the rest.  Let’s just say that we put in well over 200 plants plus seeds and my legs and back are mighty sore from the bending and the planting and the running after two boys who rolled around in dirt all day.  We do a lot of canning and freezing.  We need to update our shelving in the basement because they are still fairly full and there will be more coming in a few months and we will need a place to put them….  It’s a good problem to have.

Today, I did get some sewing done!  Yahoo!  We got to work on the floor pillow and I knew that I didn’t have enough stuffing so I’ll need to get a mega bag of stuffing.  Anyway, here are some pictures from our sewing adventure today.

Here is fabric he chose to be the sides of his floor pillow.  I cut them 8″ x 33″.IMG_0838

Just another look at my lovely Pokemon side strips.



Here is the fabric cut in to 33″ squares for the top and bottom of the pillow.






We got the sides attached to the big square.


Here is just a look at things as they pretty much are now… All four sides on and attached to the top and bottom and 3 corners closed up.  The last corner is still open so we can stuff it.IMG_0848


I have to give credit where credit is due, I found the information here on the floor pillows.  It’s been fairly simple process I will admit and there is lots of room to adjust the size to fit your needs.  Anyway, I did get something accomplished today and of course I still need to run out for more supplies because isn’t that just always the way it goes…