An Explanation and our Cast of Characters

I feel I am treading somewhat carefully with this blog name – I certainly do not intend to be offensive by any means.  We are a group of quilters and somehow, somewhere we were gifted with the name the Monkeys.  Of course not to be confused with The Monkees although we do like to sing.  When we are gathered together for our quilting retreats we sit on the porch so as not to disturb the other retreaters.  Others at our retreats have combined our Monkey status with Porch.  It was not a name of our choosing and regardless of the dissuasion the name has stuck.  Also, we are not to be confused with the Porch People who were the previous occupants of the porch area and are now located in a completely different building.  At our most recent retreat, we have decided that we should have a blog.  Mainly because it seems that is the thing to do these days and besides it might be fun.  I have become the default hostess for the blog and it has also become my responsibility to come up with appropriate pseudonyms for our Monkey tribe.  And so I beg to put before you, in no particular order, our cast of characters.

Sandra Dee is our Pretty Person.  She assures us that she was not a Pretty Person while growing up and is not one now.  We, of course, do not believe her.  She works on assorted projects while avoiding the dreaded A-word (applique) and the dreaded P-word (paper piecing).  She also likes to wear jewelry with her pajamas.

Hattie  is our Earth Mother.  She has been exposing us to various new things such as how to use a spinning wheel to spin your own yarn and how to play the dulcimer as well as teaching certain of us how to knit.  There are times when Hattie doesn’t even bring her sewing machine to retreat.  This blog was mainly her idea.  She is one of the more experienced quilters in our group and has previously owned a quilt shop.

Blanche is our California girl.  She breathes new life into us with her creativity and efficiency.  She is the most level-headed among us, but there has to be one in the group.  Another of our more experienced quilters, she is always ready to assist when we are in need.  She travels the furthest to be with us and always manages to be the most productive.  We attribute this to the fact that she puts in headphones so as to tune out the monkey-shines from time to time.

Inez is another of our quilters with years of experience.  Usually when we have technique questions, she is the one we turn to.  She is also a historian of sorts as she has been a member of the Guild the longest of any of us and remembers names and faces and happenings that most of us have forgotten or never knew of.

Vera is our youngest Monkey and is the quietest one of the bunch.  You have to watch those quiet ones, they are sneaky.  She is always ready to join in with whatever is going on.  She also seems to really enjoy applique which is a puzzlement to some of us.

Ruby is my partner in crime.  She is the one we credit for our “Monkey” moniker.  She likes to stay up late with me while we laugh until we cry and wish that someone had really brought the Depends.

Hazel is the newest member of our tribe.  She is the only one to choose her pseudonym.  She shares a love of learning new techniques with Sandra Dee including the dreaded p-word.  She has also been taking knitting lessons from Hattie along with Ruby.  They are going swimmingly and she brings it with her to every retreat.

I am Opal, your hostess and leader in laughter, song and sarcasm.  I am never without my camera and sometimes the filter between my brain and mouth doesn’t work properly.  I like to sleep in while at retreat and also be in the thick of things.  Some have referred to me as The Instigator.  I’ll let you be the judge of the truth of that.

That’s enough for now.  Welcome to the Porch.