Because I have to share.

I may have mentioned that we went to Paducah.  I may have mentioned that I came home with a new project.  I’m sure you aren’t surprised.  How could I not after going to Paducah?  Well, I still have to figure out exactly what I am going to do.

Once upon a time friends and I would go to another large quilt show – IQA.  We had a wonderful time and we came to find that there were certain vendors that we could count on seeing every year. For me there was a vendor with fabrics from Japan and another was a vendor with fabrics from Africa.  Some things changed and we no longer go to the show and sometimes I miss that.

However, I did find a vendor that had some similar things that I had enjoyed at IQA (thanks to Wanda who found it first and showed what she had gotten at our nightly show and share).  Once I saw her booth, I got a bright idea…

My smallest person LOVES giraffes. He has 4 that he sleeps with and they are named after each member of our family.  Plus he has a giraffe dream lite (think of a night-light stuffed animal pillow if you aren’t familiar with them).  When I saw she had giraffe panels I knew I would be taking one home.  The trouble was finding just the right one.  I thought it would be super cool if we could find one that had a mommy and a baby.  Well, I didn’t quite find that, but I did find this and it works as a mommy and a baby.  Isn’t it cool?

As I sat pondering what to do with this lovely panel, Inez reminded me that I had some African prints that should go nicely with the panel.  It took me a little while to find all of them because for some silly reason I integrated them into my stash and I had to go hunting for them.  Here they are!  img_2563

I even found a couple more that might work as well, but I think they are more Aboriginal….


I will probably need some sort of solid or tone on tone to help with all of these wild prints, but first I’ll have to come up with some sort of idea….

Wish me luck!


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