This is going to take longer than I thought.

Let’s start off with something happy….  I got one of the wedding quilts quilted!  Yahoo!!  Next is to get it trimmed and then bound.  I’m pretty excited but then I remembered that I didn’t make the binding yet…  Ah well, it won’t take too long.   Here it is!


I’m sure they will love it.  I’m sure you noticed that I didn’t put a lot of quilting into it.  I struggled with how to quilt it.  The thread I had in mind is called Karnak by Superior Threads.  It is a teal and brown variegated cotton thread.  It was perfect.  However, If I did a lot of dense quilting then it would start to affect the design and I didn’t have a teal to just do the background. Instead I took the easy way and did an open all over pattern that wouldn’t take over the blocks or the secondary circles that appear.  It might not be the best choice, but I’m okay with it.

I did get a start on the black and white squares and I thought that the best place to begin would be to fix the two that aren’t quite the right size.

Here we go getting things taken apart so they can go back together again.  This is the part that takes the longest.  Definitely not my favorite part.  I also didn’t go as far as taking apart each individual  smaller square.  Perhaps I should have, but I really wasn’t sure how good my cutting was or what methods I used to assemble the blocks.  So, I went the quick and dirty route to just get it to a similar size.  We aren’t going to want to examine these blocks too closely…..


As you can see it’s still not even close to perfect.  However, it’s workable and that was really the goal.  (remember perfectionism isn’t my friend…)


You my notice that there is a little sticker on my ruler. I’m not sure if I have ever mentioned this before, but I have little koi stickers that is on all of my stuff.  I did that on purpose.  The reason?  It makes it easier to find my supplies when I bring them to retreat or classes.  Inez has lady bugs.  Some of the others put their name on them.  I think another of us have stars.  If you can’t see it, here is a closer look.  They are just simple little stickers that I found and thought they were fun but they do make it easy to identify my things in a group sewing setting.


Now there is just one more to tackle this week along with making binding and finding some brights to border out the blocks.  Perhaps I can even get as far as getting the blocks trimmed and ready for the bordering.  Here’s to hoping!



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