Continuing to make progress.

So I managed to get back into my sewing room to work on one of the wedding quilts (and have I mentioned that I have another one added to the queue?).  I don’t think I’ve shared much about the pattern or progress I’ve been making.  Retreat is coming up at the end of the month and my goal is to (finally) have all the blocks done so that I could start assembling the top.

This is the last set of units that I need to finish.  I don’t know how well you can see, because the background fabric is white, but I have the last two opposite corner triangles to sew on and then trim the unit to size.  I will say that it is very important to have good lighting in your sewing room and I came to find out that my lighting may not be as good as I thought it was.  I have a white on white print for the background and there have been a few that I have put on with the wrong side up because it was hard to tell which was which.


This one is a little better where you can see the white print dots (which reminded me of bubbles).  I know, they do look like they should be easy to tell, but the lighting at my sewing desk turns out to not be quite the best.  Since all I have left are two opposite corners, I have gone ahead and gotten them all laid out and pinned ready to go under the needle.  One more round of sewing and trimming them and they will all be ready to go to retreat so they can be laid out and assembled into their finished quilt top!  Yahoo!


Here’s what the little darlings looked like  before I trimmed them to add the last two corners.  I know, they totally look wrong don’t they?  That is what I love about paper piecing.  A little trim, another piece of fabric and before you know it the points are all as perfect as they can be.  I don’t know if you do paper piecing or not, but if you decide to try give yourself time to get use to it.  I promise that you will get it, just stick with it.


And here they are all trimmed and pretty looking.  I think there are 54 of these units.  I saved the least amount and least complicated for last.


I’m sure you are just a little curious as to what the other units look like.  I’ll share a little, but you will have to wait until retreat to see how they all go together!

There are two other units.  This is one of them, and there are 97 of them and it seemed like they took FOREVER just because there were so many.  I just kept plugging along little by little and managed to get through them.  I know they don’t look to hard but it was just the sheer number of them.


These are the main blocks and they were a lot of fun to work on so of course they were the first ones I did.  I still love them and I can’t wait to get the blocks laid out.  Actually, I just can’t wait for retreat!


Wish me luck tomorrow as I try to get the last of the triangles sewn on while the smallest person is at school.  I’m feeling pretty good about my chances and I love it when I make a goal.


2 thoughts on “Continuing to make progress.

  1. Ahh, wedding quilts…. they are the best!! Yours looks like it is going to be a beauty:)!

  2. mouse7116 says:

    Thanks! I’m horribly horribly overdue, but I am really excited about how it will turn out!

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