Slipping a little bit.

I’m not sure I’m going to make it this month.  There is still some potential, but I have a feeling that next month I am going to have to make up for this month as well as do what I need to for June.

No excuses.  Just not much time for sewing the last couple of weeks.  That’s okay – sometimes that will happen.  So, I’ll give it a shot tomorrow am and see if I can maybe get those flowers going.  They will be the easiest to complete.  I think it’s a certainty that I won’t get the lovely stained glass star done for the month.  I’ll be okay though.  It won’t take much to get back on track.  After all, this happens sometimes.  We have other things that become priorities.  School ending and potty training seem to be the order of these days.

I did think that I would share one of my favorite tools – Iris Pins.  Well, I shouldn’t say that they are my favorite tool.  I actually hate to pin.  However, if I have to pin (and there have been a few times where I have not been able to avoid it), these are the pins that I prefer to use.

Here is the tin they come in and it’s kinda cool.  You push in the top and it pops loose.  Push it again from the inside of the lid and it will then snap closed over the top of the tin.



Aside from the packaging being pretty cool (because let’s face it, the cooler the packaging the more likely we are to purchase it), the are very slim pins.  Here you can see them one next to a flower head pin.


Yes, it’s a little shorter, but you can see how much thinner it is than a standard flower headed pin.  I’ve had these for quite a while and my tin is starting to feel a little lighter which makes me think that I need to pick up some more.  I got mine at my local quilt shop so I may just have to pop in again to see about picking up some more.

Last week was also pretty bad for getting good steps in.  This week has been going much better and I’ve had 3 consecutive days of reaching my 10K goal.  I’m hoping that today will be a 4th one.  One thing I do wish is that I would see some change in the scale, but so far that has been a bit of a disappointment.  Maybe keeping up with this 10K will help give the scale a bit of a jump-start too.  It certainly can’t hurt.


3 thoughts on “Slipping a little bit.

  1. Mary N says:

    I have had one of those Iris tins for years and never knew about that easy open feature! Now to find it and test it out..,.

  2. MrsCraft says:

    Love the pin tin!

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