Making it a better week.

Well, it has been a more productive week and I’m feeling better about getting things back on track.  I’m glad I took another week to work on these 8k steps.  It has been going much better so I’m hoping that next week I’ll be able to make that final step to 10k.  I’m a little nervous about that, but I think this more gradual approach has been paying off.  Although I do reserve the right to just bump it to 9k…

I did make progress on the flowers.  They are ALL stitched around.  Yea!  The last couple were kinda fun, but I think that was because I was racing finishing the spool of thread against the last two blocks.  I barely made it before the spool ran out, but they are done!  Next is figuring out how to lay the blocks out and then cutting the sashing.  Here they are! I’m not sure that you can really see the stitching (which is okay, as they are certainly not perfect) but they are ready for the next step.


I did find the flannel for the backing on my emergency project and my goal is to get it and the batting cut tomorrow.

Now, I’m not sure how up to date you are on the latest Disney cartoons, but they have one now called The Lion Guard which happens chronologically after their movie The Lion King.  Anyway, I have a tiny person who has been fascinated by both the cartoon and the movie.  I hear him often singing “Hakuna Matata” which cracks me up.  Anyway, when I found the flannel I happened to go down the licensed fabric aisle and low and behold there was Lion Guard fabric.  Crazy right?  Not really, I think they have licensed fabric for everything.  I was surprised that I only saw one.  So, I did the only rational thing – I bought enough to make a pillowcase for that tiny person.  That project is completed!


I thought the brown set it off nicely.  And of course, here is that tiny person who has been sleeping on it since I completed it.  He doesn’t quite look like a Little Red anymore, but sometimes when the light is right his hair still shows up with red.


I got some more done on the second wedding quilt also – pinning and trimming.  I have a few more to trim and then I can add in the next piece.  See?  Things are just plugging along this week.  At least so far and I even have a plan so I can keep it going.  Hang on until next week, maybe I’ll even have some more pictures!



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