How are things going for you?

I would love to say that it has been another awesome week where I have a ton of pictures and got a lot of things done.  However, that has not happened as I’m sure you have guessed since I’m little on the late side posting this week.

I’m working on that whole 8K step this week, but man, this time it has been hard.  I think I’m going to have to go at least another week working on that goal.  What’s funny is that now Little Red has started walking and saying he has to get his steps in.  At least that is something positive that he is doing, although most of the time he tells me it’s not time for me to do my steps.

I have managed to stitch around 10 of the flowers for the fused flower quilt.  Honestly, it’s not that fun.  I keep hoping that the more I do the more fun it will be.  I’m glad to be half way through them.  It’s not horrible, but I do need more practice with this technique.  Lucky for me, I believe there may be another project or two in my UFO pile where I will get to practice this technique.  I have noticed that I really should have used a stabilizer on the black fabric.  I double checked the pattern to make sure I hadn’t overlooked that step and I didn’t see anything about stabilizing.  I think that it would be a good practice for me to put a stabilizer on the back when doing machine embroidery in the future.  Since it was a project that had already been started, I just carried on as it was.  Next time I would do the stabilizer on the yardage before cutting into squares.  We will see how these blocks lay when they are assembled into the quilt top.

In other quilt projects, I did start a new one.  I know, but it’s a special occasion.  This will be a quickly done Turning Twenty in a quilt as you go method.  I found the fabrics I needed  mostly from my stash and only needed to purchase a few sport team fabrics.  I still need to purchase the backing but all the fat quarters have now been cut.  Next up is to cut the batting and backing.  What’s the special occasion? An ailing family member that I would like to cheer up so it is something that needs to be done in a hurry.  Not the type of thing that we like doing, but one of those things that we feel needs doing.  Now I just need to get out and get some nice cuddly flannel.  I should have pictures next time.

Sorry this is all over the place.  I feel bad that I’m a little behind and I wanted to get back out here and stay on track.  Now, while I still have a few minutes before the clock ticks over to a new day I should take advantage of getting a few more steps in.



One thought on “How are things going for you?

  1. ksbeth says:

    life happens )

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