Well, not much progress….

Okay, maybe just a little.  But not as much as I would like…

However, I did finish the second baby afghan although I did not get it mailed off like I had originally planned.  I do plan on it for this week.  I did take a better picture just so I could share.  So here it is in all it’s glory although I didn’t get it hanging quite straight….  At least I did get something done!


I did go spend some time in my sewing room although I hoped to actually get some sewing done.  Instead, I put some things away and unearthed another UFO that I would like to add to my list of UFO’s competed this year.  There is one small difficulty, this quilt is like eating an elephant and I think that each month I’ll just have to take small bites.  Why you ask?  Well, it’s an appliqué quilt and I am not so fast at that.  For this particular quilt I did a block of the month through the mail from Storyquilts.com.  The pattern is by Helene Knott.  Unfortunately, I don’t really have anything for you to click.  I headed out to Story Quilts and see that they are now closed.  Helene Knott’s website was a little confusing to me, it is more of a blog and I was expecting a site where I could purchase patterns.  However, she does have pictures so you can see her latest and greatest patterns!  If you google her name you can see some of her patterns.  The ones I like are the Garden Patch Cats and her Bloomin’ Dogs.  I don’t have much in either series but you can google them and see some of her patterns.  They look like a lot of fun.

Anyway, the one that I am working on is called Temple Guardians.  You can see the full quilt here.  I’m not terribly far but I’m hoping that I will learn to improve my appliqué skills.  Each month the pattern came with an installment of a story (but I won’t spoil that for you).  The Temple Guardians are Siamese cat.  They came with blue fabric for the eyes.  However, I had a cat at the time who was a tortoiseshell and had the build of a Siamese and whose eyes were green.  So, I changed them out with the thought that these cats would always make me think of her and because I can never leave anything well enough alone.


As you can see, the eyes didn’t go so well.  And I’m not sure that I really like the fabric I first chose so I have gone through my stash to see if I could find something that I like better and I found two.  I think I like the top one better, but I need to sleep on it a little bit more.  Maybe I’ll make a decision as I get the second block finished.  Either way, those eyes are coming off and I’ll see about doing a better job on the next set.


Here is the second block.  There is supposed to be a bit of pink tongue curling out, but I’m not sure that I will add that and I  don’t think that I will be missing that part.  I do need to appliqué the head and make my final decision on the eyes.  I could do half of the blocks with one and half of the blocks with the other, but I think I would like it better if they were all the same.  Anyway, here is the block.


Oh!  I did get my indigo fabric soaked.  Since the shop owner suggested that I soak it, I was surprised to find that there wasn’t any dye leaching out.  So, now that the main body of the top is pressed and the inner border is pressed I suppose that I really should get that inner border cut and sewn on. I got a little stumped because it is a directional print and I don’t want to make a mistake in my math before I start cutting.  Next is to double-check my math and get that fabric cut!  That should set me well on my way to getting this UFO complete.  Of course my outside border is also a directional print so I’ll just have to make sure my math is good for that round as well.

Hopefully, you are doing well on  your endeavors.  I’ve been doing okay on keeping with my 7k step goal.  Since it was a bit of a struggle this week, I think I’ll stay on 7k for this week as well.  Hopefully I can bump up to 8k next week and inch myself even closer to that 10k step goal.  Wish me luck!



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