Working Those Revolutions.

Yep, I’m still at it – or trying to just like I’m sure we all are.  Some days I am just better at it than others.  I’ve been working harder to make the step counter I wear something more than just something on my wrist.  Last week I was making it to 7k steps.  Not to far from that ever elusive 10k.  This week I hope to repeat that as it was a bit of a struggle some days.  You know how it goes…but hey, every morning I get a chance to try again.

I did finish one of the 4 baby afghans and I am an evenings worth of work away from finishing the second.  The other 2 are still in the planning stages so it looks like this week I will make it back to my sewing room and I can see about getting further with my UFO challenge.

Oh, before I forget, here are a couple of pictures of the afghans.  I completely forgot to take a picture of the one when it was actually completed.  I had taken a picture trying to decide which yarn to work for the border so that is what I have to share.  I decided to go with the white.  I’m sure you would have chosen the same.


As for the second one, why yes, they are Ohio State fans!  At least that is where I had gotten my inspiration.  Originally I was going to do something with some camouflaged colored yarn I picked up and then pull out solids from the colors of that.  The more I worked on it the more I just didn’t like it.  I might not have had the exact right colors or maybe the yarn didn’t feel right, I’m not sure.  I just know that the more I worked on it the more I hated it and the less I wanted to work on it. Do you have any projects like that?  I think I will be uncovering some as I go through my UFO’s….maybe now enough time has passed that I can finish them (whichever ones they are, although that may be influencing which projects I pick to work on).  Of course, then I was left feeling guilty that I wasn’t getting that baby gift done and then inspiration hit – they posted some family photos that were taken with all of them in Ohio State garb.  I didn’t even have to think twice about it and picked up some colors the next day and made a decision to go with a ripple pattern so I could get it done fairly quickly.  I’m pretty tickled about being almost done and it should be out in the mail before the end of this week.  Maybe even as early as tomorrow!


Lastly, I still have some indigo fabric that needs soaking.  I think I’ll try to get that started this evening as well…after all I don’t have to do a whole lot there….then I can get it through the dryer and maybe I can even entertain cutting it tomorrow as well.  Here is that fabric.  The heavily gilded one is my inside border and lastly, here is the quilt that they will be surrounding.  You may remember my rabbit panel.  Hazel and Sandra Dee also loved the panel so much that Hazel found it online and ordered it.  At the last retreat they brokered a deal so that Sandra Dee ended up with it.  While shopping at retreat Sandra Dee even picked out fabrics and a pattern and started getting some blocks done.  I’ll admit, she has some awesome choices and her quilt is going to turn out to be very sophisticated in appearance.  I’m excited to see it done.  I’m sure she is too.



I guess that is a little progress.  Hopefully when we meet next I’ll have those borders on the rabbit quilt.  I know that you can see in the picture that some of my edges are not lining up quite right.  Believe me, I do know.  However, I did start this quilt quite a few years ago and skills have improved since then.  I’m glad that is almost finished and no, I won’t be taking anything out to fix it.  Sometimes I think we need to let them stand.  my earlier quilts show a progression in my skills and I think that is something to be proud of.  With this quilt I had to redraft the blocks to fit the size of the rabbits as the center square so it really was a learning process from start to finish. Especially since some of the pieces had to be cut by the dreaded 3/8″,7/8″, 1/8″.

Happy quilting and if you are still keeping up with your revolutions I hope this week brings you much success!


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