I survived Spring Break!

Seriously, I think parents should be handed a t-shirt with that on it before they leave the hospital.  They should also get one that says, “I survived Summer Vacation”.

Obviously spring break is now over and today is the first day back to school and I am certainly glad to be back to that.  I’m sure it will take the boys a couple of days to get back in the swing of things, but that’s okay.  It’s back to earlier bedtimes and that means Mama gets some quiet time in the evening to recuperate or recharge.  The boys aren’t really that bad, they just feed off of each other and make going anywhere in public virtually impossible.

One of our days off my husband took the day off and we bundled up the boys and headed to a small Amish-influenced small town.  They have a bulk Amish grocery store where I wanted to shop and stock up my spice cabinet and because I also got the bug to make my own spice mixes.  Yep, Pinterest strikes again.  That and we go through taco seasoning like water.  If nothing else I know everyone will always eat tacos with vigor and be happy about it.  So, rather than using up packets of seasoning mix, I thought it might be in our healthier interest to make our own that’s lower in sodium and other stuff put in it to give it a longer shelf life/prevent caking.  I found a few, went with the one that sounded the most interesting and viola!  It doesn’t even have salt in it.  It smells wonderful and I believe that we will be giving it a test this evening. (For the record I also made Italian Seasoning, Fajita, Cajun, Ranch, and season salt).  Why season salt?  Well, the stuff I had gotten (because I mistakenly thought that all season salt was equal) has sugar as the second ingredient on the label.  Not my thing and now I have my own.  Although my dear husband’s comment was that I should cut back on the salt as it’s too salty….hmm.  Dear, it’s called seasoned SALT for a reason.  Use it as a salt not a seasoning mix….

Anyway, we managed to survive the trip through the store (although at one point I was sure we would be asked to leave because of the wailing when someone didn’t want to ride in the cart after not listening for the millionth time) and we headed further in to town so we could stop at the bakery (Yum!) and get some lunch.  We even stopped at a couple of quilt shops.  While fun, this was a little to my detriment because I found some fabric that I liked and then created a whole project around it.  Because as you know I already have enough projects that I haven’t finished….

I did buy fat quarters and a pattern – and I’m not sure why I was drawn to the fabric.  It is by Moda and called Black Tie Affair and was designed by Basic Grey.  You can see it all here.  If you are not familiar with Basic Grey, they do a lot of scrapbooking papers and they use similar designs from their papers for the fabric.  So, I’ll have to put it to the side for now until I get through some more of my UFO’s so I can justify digging in to it.  But for now, well, I will just have to wait.

In the mean time I still have to decide which UFO I am going to finish for this month, but I think I am zeroing in on it.  I have a quilt top finished that needs borders and I purchased the fabric for those borders while I was at retreat.  However, the outside border is an indigo fabric so the shop owner suggested that I soak it to make sure the dye doesn’t run.  However, that should be an easy one to finish.  Plus the next star for the block of the month has come out and I need to make time to work on that.  So far the newest one is my favorite although I can’t wait to see how the rest of them are going to look.  Don’t worry, I’ll share pictures.  For now though, I have the second baby afghan to finish for the shower this weekend.  I suppose I better get back to work.


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