I did not make my goal for February.  I was fairly close to goal, but I didn’t quite make it.  However, that doesn’t mean that I’m giving up.  I’m going to go ahead and finish what I had meant to finish for February and move right in to a UFO for March.

I promised pictures, so here is the UFO I was working on.  This is the finished product that I did not get to. I have made substantial progress and it may have been a bit ambitious to think that I could get a complete quilt top completed in a month.  I don’t mean that in a bad way, but with the small people I am limited to sewing during nap time and sometimes nap time for the smallest is homework time for the biggest and well, you know how that all goes.


Here’s a look at everything all on my table.  See, I really was working and there really wasn’t anything started when I picked up this UFO….well, maybe a block or two.


These blocks are almost completed.  They need triangles sewn on the other two sides, but I have to look at the diagram again to make sure I put the right fabric on the correct side.


These blocks and 1/2 square triangles get sewn into 4 patch units once I get the 1/2 square triangles squared up and if I remember correctly I also need to square up those blocks.


This a a little bit better look at the center square.  That one is complete and is just waiting for the rest of the squares to be done so they can form up into a quilt top.


Oh, why yes, I DO keep a garbage can next to my sewing table.  Thank you for noticing! (or maybe that is just really nice of me to take a picture of it)  That way I can sweep trimmings and the like right off the table and into the trash. It works for me.

Lastly, I did take a little break to complete my paper pieced block of the month.  Want to see?  Silly question, of course you do!  Can’t wait to see this month!


In other news, we only have a short time before we are heading to retreat! Can’t wait!  You never know what stories we are going to bring back.  Although I am bringing my  Yoga DVD so there is some really good potential for laughter….and blindness for those that watch us….  Good times ahead!


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