I think I might pull it off!

I was a little worried last week that I would not be able to get my UFO done for this month.  I’m feeling a little better this week, and it’s only Monday!  I was able to complete all of the blocks for my most recent UFO and now all I need to do is assemble the top.

However, I’m taking a small interruption to assemble this month’s stained glass star.  Each star is broken down into 6 pie pieces.  For this particular star, each pie piece has 5 parts.  I was able to complete two of those 5 parts for each of the 6 pie pieces.  I’m hopeful that I will be able to get at least one more section competed tomorrow and the star completed before Friday.  It’s always good to have goals.

That means I’ll have all weekend to work on assembling that quilt top!  It looks like I should make my goal for this month after all!  Whew! I was a little worried that it was only February and I was already going to be behind.  Now I just need to keep plugging along and I’ll be finished in no time!  Then I’ll have some pictures to share.  After all, who doesn’t love show and tell?  Of course I actually need to get it completed and of course it is not a straight or on point set.  It’s more of a fancy setting with lots of open space but it looks like it should go together fairly quickly.  I hope…

I think we are all fully recovered from Little Red’s birthday party and I’m relieved to get back to sewing.  Aside from that, things are quiet and we are starting to get ready for retreat.  Who knows, maybe I’ll be able to use my time there to work ahead on my UFO’s….or maybe get the wedding quilts completed.  Hmmmm….decisions decisions!

Hopefully you are making some progress on your UFO’s.



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