Enter Catchy Title Here

I don’t know what it is, but I always have a hard time coming up with a title.  Especially something catchy.  I’m sure I’ll get better at it as we go along…

This week I have to confess I’ve not been sewing at all.  Nope, not one little bit.  Instead I have turned to another craft and I have a fairly tight deadline.  Of course, we always have a deadline don’t we?  Well The Smallest of All of Us had a birthday in January and we now getting ready for his birthday party and I have to get the invitations made so I can get them in the mail.  He just turned 3 so I think I’m okay for this year but no way can we be this late in years to come.  I do kinda feel for him with a birthday so close to New Year’s and we certainly didn’t mean for it to get to be this late, but they were redoing the floors at our normal location and so we opted to just wait.  I know, I know. That’s why I’m making these invitations.

Are you curious about them?   Well, this small boy child was going to have a Thomas the Train party but then his father introduced him to Star Wars and I think I have watched nothing else for the past 3 months. Plus, on his birthday we did take him to the theater for the first time to watch the new Star Wars movie and he was completely enchanted with being at the theater and was really well-behaved.  Want to see?  Here he is with his lemonade and M&Ms.


So, the theme of the party has now changed from Thomas the Train to Star Wars.  To that end, I have dusted off my Cricut and started trying to figure out how to make Star Wars invitations.  Thank goodness we have Pinterest right?  Of course I found lots of great ideas.  So here is the mock-up with my mock-up letters although it is my final Yoda without facial features.


I’m having a really hard time with trying to figure out how to do his face.  I’ll have to make a final decision soon as they need to get in the mail, but I also need to figure out how to make light sabers and the Smallest has also been asking for Skywalker.

At this point I have an army of Yodas (this is them without their final robe):IMG_1236

I also have an army of Darth Vaders.  I’m pretty tickled with how they turned out.  IMG_1241

I have figured out how to do Chewbacca and have the beginnings of Princess Leia, but that still leaves me Han Solo and Luke Skywalker.  They won’t all fit on the invitation, but I thought I could do some larger ones to put out at the party.  So far Smallest giggles when he sees them.

I don’t use my Cricut very often and there are still a lot of things that I’m sure I could be doing better.  Although that did not stop me from eyeballing the newer models when I was in Joann’s picking up more black card stock.  I’m not sure why…I don’t use the one I have enough to justify a new one….although being able to draw with them looks pretty cool.  Maybe that means I need to use my free time doing some more work with the one I have.  If I could only remember what free time actually is…..



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