Sincerest Apologies.

I know – it’s been a while since I’ve updated.  I swear I do have a very good reason.  We have been renovating our kitchen.  Yeah.  That kind of fun.

Don’t get me wrong, I will totally appreciate it when it is done.  It’s all the stuff in between that makes it not so much fun.  It’s been a bit of  a whirlwind.  We went in for a consult but there were a ton-o-deals going on that we ended up going for it.  Then the fun really began, especially since we have been doing a lot of the work ourselves which is why I haven’t had much time to come back here for the past few weeks.

I am happy to report that we are in the homestretch!  Painting is 3/4 of the way there and we are getting the floor torn up and finishing off the painting this week so we can put the new floor down.  Once that happens we will be ready for them to deliver our cabinets.  Yahoo!!  I’m pretty tickled with how things are starting to come together and I’ll admit, I wasn’t sure we would really get to this point.  It all seemed like a far far away goal that we would be scrambling the entire time.  However, things are going well enough that I am taking the day off tomorrow.  We hit the painting portion pretty hard this weekend and my body is giving me a strong suggestion that we take a day to relax.  We will see how well I listen to it.

I suppose I should explain a little further.  Our kitchen was a complete disaster.  Seriously.  I don’t know that I have seen a worse kitchen.  The flooring was yellow/gold linoleum from the 1970’s that we covered over with some super cheap neutral colored linoleum squares once the old had worn a rather large hole in the middle of the floor.  The stove was from 1957 and there was no self-cleaning option or self-igniting burners.  The door was also a little warped so you had to wing it with regard to cooking times and temperatures and you couldn’t buy parts for it any more as the door also needed a new seal.  There was no dishwasher and so we purchased a portable one which took up wall space and was a pain to move across the floor.  The sink also faced a wall.  Very  depressing.

That doesn’t even touch the cabinets which were of the homemade heavy plywood variety and painted dark brown.  No fun features and I’m not sure we could have even added any after market ones.  They had no back wall and the hinges were failing and the drawers were kind of small.  They also didn’t put a cap on the end of the counter top (which ended at the stove) and thus it made a gap against the wall that the mice were in love with.  There was also a terribly lovely brown faux wood paneling that went all the way around the room (yes, even behind the cabinets). Under said paneling was some sort of felted tar paper or who knows what.  It required some chemicals to come down but still left behind a brown residue.  All of which required some serious wall skimming which makes me wonder if I’m not getting some arthritis in one of my knuckles as it is not bouncing back so terribly well.  Of course the recent bout of painting hasn’t helped either.

Lastly, we have a small butler’s pantry.  At one point one of the walls of the pantry was removed to create a hallway (which also cut the bathroom in half).  We did replace the wall but had to had some hook up for a built-in dishwasher.  There was also a lovely painted wooden counter with a window and a built-in floor to ceiling cabinet.  Originally I was going to tear that out and put in some sort of shelving but after I really looked at it, the cabinet is really well-built and would just require new paint to make a new baking center for me.

So far we only have a couple of major things left to do – the depressing sink location is moving to the window (where we will have to cut away some window molding since the windows are only 33″ from the floor and standard cabinets are 34″.  However, it will be worth it to have some natural light by the sink rather than a dreary wall.  We will also need to figure out a location for the heat vent.  Gas is moving too, but it appears that in a former configuration there was a hole cut in the floor for the gas so we just need to move the pipe.  I’m sure it will be easier said than done as that is the way that everything goes.  Then there is installing the floor.  With any luck the rest of the tear out will happen by the weekend and we can spend some time mapping out where things are going to go and then start installing the new floor.

Needless to say, I have not had much time for quilting.  I feel like I have barely had time to keep up with laundry and now that school has started, I have to get up early and get going so we aren’t late to school.

I’m hoping that things will resolve in the next couple weeks and I’ll be spending some fun time getting the new kitchen organized.  I really am pretty excited.  My job this week is to finish painting the shelves in the butler’s pantry, touch up on the walls and such, and to start painting the woodwork.

However, tomorrow I am taking the day off from the kitchen to let my hand rest.  I’ll get back to it on Tuesday.  Then it will be taking care of the rest of the painting.


One thought on “Sincerest Apologies.

  1. Dorine Donaubauer says:

    I remember those days. But in the end in was worth it.

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