I know – I got sidetracked again.

It happens.  Probably more often for me than most….well, maybe not.  I’m sure you get sidetracked plenty as well.

This week I started to panic a little.  I know it’s only July, but I still feel like there is still so much that needs to be accomplished before the school year begins.  Not the least of which is the quilt Small Blonde and I are to make.  However, progress has been made!  Earlier this week, Small Blonde helped me press the fabric and we began to pair things up and I began to measure and cut the panel apart.  The best part is that I do have pictures!

Here is where I got the panel cut apart and Small Blonde decided on the orientation and parings for the panel squares.  Under the one elephant is a cheetah fabric, but there really isn’t enough so we need to find something else.


Here I’ve gotten some strips cut – they aren’t sewn.  The plan is to cut a square of animal print the same size as the panel squares and border them in black. The smaller ones should work into a four patch with two from the panel and two squares of animal print bordered in black.  Of course, I still need to get some black….










I still have the giraffe print to cut and the one print that I need to find and of course some black….but at least it is a start.  Next week Small Blonde and I should be able to sit down and start sewing these blocks.  Hopefully my description of our plans make sense.  If not, there should be some more pictures coming fairly soon!


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