Happy 4th!

Hopefully your summer is going well – that you are enjoying some nice quality time outside.  Things have been horribly wet here…but it looks like we should be getting a break.

In good news I picked up some more fabric for Small Blonde’s quilt.  I found zebra and giraffe and another panel that I thought he might like to help add some size.  We will see what we can accomplish with regards to redrafting the layout.  I think our blocks will be okay, it will just change the layout.  I’m sure once we get the block assembled the layout will work itself out.

In other good news I got the 1st quadrant put together for the wedding quilt.  Of course I still have the other 3/4 of the blocks to put together but at least it is some progress.  I’m hoping that with the holiday weekend I will have opportunity to get at least another quadrant of blocks together.  The really good news is that there are no borders so once the quadrants are together the quilt top will be done.

Hopefully you are making some progress on whatever you are working on.

It has been an interesting summer so far.  Whoever coined “the mouths of babes” phrase…well they really knew what they were talking about.  Most of my entertainment has come from words of the Small Blonde.  I’ll share the latest…as we were driving we passed a Call Julie before you dig billboard.  This prompted some questions from him.  Do we call Julie before we dig?  Of course it takes me a moment to figure out what he is talking about.  No, we don’t, we aren’t digging that deep.  Oh, but aren’t we supposed to?  No, we are just digging for plants. If we were digging for a foundation or to put posts in or something then we would need to call Julie.  What about bodies?  ……..No, I don’t think so……  Although if I think back a week he did ask about whether we had a candy thermometer and a rototiller.  I would really hate to think that this is all connected.

Hopefully there will be some more quilty news this week in the form of a completed quilt top!  Wouldn’t that be awesome!  I’m pretty excited to be close to finishing a project!  Maybe I can get started on paring down my UFO pile.  That would be a fairly major accomplishment.  Plus it would give me more storage space in my room and I could sure use that!

Happy 4th of July!  Stay safe and enjoy the holiday weekend!  I know I will be.  Hopefully with some quality sewing time!


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