Last week was a total bust.  I felt like I was making some much-needed progress on Wedding Quilt #2 and then it was time for Camp #1.  Which of course in my infinite wisdom takes place at the same time that Little Red should be going down for a nap.  So, Little Red got to hang out at the Children’s Museum while his big brother learned a little about cooking.  This didn’t always work out in my favor.  As you can imagine Little Red got fairly tired shortly before camp was over.  This made for much screaming and a very delayed nap time.  However, with delayed nap time I didn’t have my usual dedicated time in my sewing room.  Boo!

This week is shaping up much better already.  While I didn’t get sewing time today, I was able to get all the blocks squared up yesterday.  So yea!  Now I can look forward to having the top put together by the end of the week.  Bigger yea!  Then I can switch gears to start work on Small Blonde’s quilt.  I’m looking forward to getting going on that.  I don’t think it will take us too long to do, but I do want to be sure that we have time to get it done before school starts.  That’s a personal goal, but it should still be totally doable.  Of course there is still a little bit more shopping that needs to be done with regard to that project so I suppose I better start getting my act together to get that done fairly soon.

Wish me luck!


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