You weren’t thinking that I had forgotten again had you?  I most certainly had not!  However, there is still no quilting news to report.  Boo!  This week will pretty much be out for sewing time.  Why?  Well, the Small Blonde has a summer camp but it is in the afternoon which really interferes with Little Red’s nap time.  So, by the time we get home from camp and Little goes down for a nap and the Big Guy gets home from work.  So that pretty much shoots any quality time alone in the craft room.  At least is has so far…

To that end, I’ve been doing some more crocheting.   I’ll have to take some pictures because I haven’t done that yet…it’s back to amigurumi for me in the form of Star Wars and Disney characters.  This comes from some fun little kits at Sam’s.  So far Yoda has been easy, but I really do need a little quiet so I can focus since the yarn and hook are fairly small.  Not thread crochet small, but not the usual worsted weight size.

Stay tuned…I promise there will be pictures!


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