We are halfway there!

Well, a little over halfway there.  Aren’t you excited?  I am.  I am terribly excited that I’ve made it this far.  Not only because it gives me a chance to write daily, but also because I’ve been using this momentum in my other Revolutions.  I’ve been fairly successful in getting back on the elliptical and we’re working on getting the house reorganized.  So, all in all, this has been a very good challenge for me.

I am sorry to report that there were no Pokemon pillowcases made this afternoon, although I did manage to get some sewing done on the wedding quilt.  The remaining blocks are about 1/3 of the way assembled so with any luck I should be able to finish them up tomorrow during nap time.  At least that is my next goal.  I’m sew excited to get back to work in my room!  (See what I did there?  Don’t you love puns?)

I put off the Pokemon pillowcases because I had another thought….floor pillows.  I’m wondering if it would be better to make a couple of large floor pillows for the boys.  I have 1 yard each of the red and blue and a couple of yards of the black with the pokeballs.  Think I need to go get some more?  Maybe I’ll just make one out of those fabrics and pick up some Mickey Mouse for the smaller boy.  I guess I’ll be hanging out on Pinterest later to see what kind of options are out there.

Once I get some decisions made there, it will be time to get to work on Small Blonde’s project.  We are supposed to have some rainy days coming up so I think that will give us the perfect opportunity to go over the plan for his quilt and perhaps get started separating the panel.  Want a sneak peek?  Of course you do!



After pulling out the panel again I find myself wondering about its size and that maybe we should have gotten 2.  Or maybe I just need to look around and see what I can find at my local shops and online.  Maybe there is another panel we can use to give us some more size.  Don’t worry, this isn’t the full size of the panel, I’ll be sure to snap a full size picture once we start getting things prepared.


Now you can see why I was looking for elephant skin…although there are no snow leopards in the panel…I’m sure we will find something!

Okay, off to check out floor pillows and see if that is something I can accomplish quickly.



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