Keeping on track.

Today we attempted to shop for some more fabric for our summer project. We did not have so much luck although the Small Blonde did discover that there was Pokemon fabric. So, we walked out with enough of those to make 2 pillow cases. He was pretty excited about that. With any luck I can whip those up tomorrow. Although now I am on the hunt for fabric that looks like elephant skin. Hopefully we will find something that will do for that soon.

Here’s what we found:


I did get to work on Wedding Quilt #2 this afternoon and I am proud to report that all the trimming is done and I can now finish piecing the blocks together. Yahoo! It only took me a couple of episodes of Supernatural to finish the task. I’m just glad that part is done. Just a few blocks to do and then I can get that top assembled. It feels like victory is in my grasp. Of course Wedding Quilt #3 is waiting quietly in the wings.

We will get there my friends, we will get there.


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