Yes, I dropped the ball.

You knew it would happen though didn’t you? Not that I thought you would be wishing I would, it’s just that the reality is that creating new habits is hard work.  The important part is that we get up and continue.  I think we could say that for a lot of things, get up and continue.  It’s not always about starting over.  After all if you have a quilt project that needs to be finished, you want to continue after a mistake not start over. Well, you get the picture and I won’t wax philosophical this early in the morning.  Well, early for me mainly because I don’t like mornings.

Yes, it’s true, I don’t like mornings.  I would much rather spend them asleep.  However I have a school aged child and that means that everyone has to get up so said child makes it to school and the mornings where I get to sleep in are a thing of the past.  I have a reputation at retreat for being a sound sleeper and difficult to awaken and also not enjoying mornings.  To that end they put Inez and I in charge of breakfast (we did agree to it) which is mainly a continental affair.  Inez gets up early and gets it all put out.  I get up late and put it all away.  Hey, it works.

Okay, I’m sorry for the shortness of this one but I will be back later in the day as I am counting this on as making up for yesterday’s missed entry.



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