In case you were wondering, I did make to the elliptical yesterday and I will also make it today.  We have to keep fighting the good fight.  Making change is hard.  I think it’s supposed to be.  Why?  Then we are certain of the choices we make, that we are more conscientious of the things we are doing.  Some of the habits we have acquired are through necessity while others may have been born out of laziness.  Well, I might just be speaking for myself on that last bit.

At any rate, here we are.  So, what’s next?  Where does The Tribe go from here?  Paducah.  Yeah, you heard me right.  Paducah.  Obviously that hasn’t happened this year but after some discussions at the last retreat it has come to our attention that we would have a really go time together in Paducah.  Especially since some of us haven’t been.  I know, who would have thought that we would not all have been to Paducah.  While there are no plans in place currently, rest assured that they will be forming.  In fact, that is one of the jobs that I’m supposed to be working on.  Hattie suggested that perhaps renting a cabin rather than finding a hotel room would be more to our liking.  I’m sure we could find something where we could cook so we wouldn’t have the expense of eating out plus we all get along pretty well in an enclosed space over a long weekend so I don’t for see us having any troubles being together.  Yeah, we would be quite the spectacle at Paducah in our monkey suits….did I neglect to mention our monkey suits?  Well, stay tuned because I will eventually post a picture.  What?  Eventually?  What about right now??  Well, my pics all need to be liberated from their current program since the current program doesn’t work with my operating system any more.  It’s not something that is difficult, it’s just something that is time-consuming and I haven’t gotten around to it yet.  I know, get on with it because you know that I’ll have more pictures to share once that is done.  Maybe I should go get a start on that now….

Hey, if any of you have gone to Paducah and rented a cabin like we are thinking about we would love to have some feedback from you!


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