Keeping the Revolution going.

Today feels like a writer’s block kind of day. I was all excited to get to post today and then every idea I had flew out of my mind. It’s kind of been like that all day today.

We haven’t really talked much about our retreats, which is where the whole idea for this blog originated. I’m not sure that I really painted any kind of picture about the retreat except about our shenanigans. Perhaps I should rectify that.

Our retreats are held on a church campground which I may have mentioned prevents us from imbibing alcohol. We kid greatly about this, but no one really complains. We were practically in stitches while helping Sandra Dee unload at one retreat. He husband had loaded the car for her and neglected to load anything larger than a hand towel (which made her showers interesting) and a 6 pack of beer. You know, just in case she wanted to relax. He helped her pack her car another time and included a lawn chair in case she wanted to relax outside.

There are two buildings available to us for retreat and it seem like once you are comfortable in a building you tend to stay there. Each building has 2 bunk rooms – one for boys and one for girls. There are also 2 bathrooms – one for boys and one for girls. At our building there is a large great room with an open kitchen and a 4 seasons porch. The porch is where the Monkeys hang out. The great room has a gas fireplace and the porch has the tv.

There is ample room for us to spread out which we take full advantage of. I don’t know if there are any retreat centers in your area, but if you are aware of one close to you it is well worth it to go on retreat.

What is the pull that brings us back to retreat without fail? It’s a chance for us to rejuvenate. We reconnect. We enjoy our art. We eat. Most importantly, we laugh. Loudly and often, we laugh.

It’s always sad to leave retreat, but we do make the most of our time there and we are always looking forward to the next one.

(Day 4 – I just keep track so that I don’t forget where I am.)


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