Really, we are going to do it this time.

You may have noticed that this is day 2 and I made it back. We have to keep fighting these revolutions to make the changes in our lives. Battle Ho!

No sewing for me today, but that’s okay. Not every day can be completely perfect. Instead we had family fun night with homemade pizza and a movie. Can’t beat that.

Maybe tomorrow I can get back to my sewing room and continue on squaring up units for the second wedding quilt. I’ve managed to complete all of the churn dash blocks and a few of the 54 40 or fight block but I need to square up the smaller units before finally assembling the blocks. Then I can get the quilt together and quilt it. I opted to go borderless on this one. Somehow a border just didn’t seem right. Have you done many borderless quilts? As I was drafting this quilt I just couldn’t seem to find a good way to border it which lead me to leave it without one. I’m really excited about it. So much so that the 3rd wedding quilt will also be sans border. I’m excited about it as well.

Have you noticed that things in the quilt world are starting to make a swing back to being more complicated in regards to block construction? It seems like for quite a while simple was better…we had lots of Turning Twenty quilts and fat quarter shuffle patterns. Now, there are more complex piecing patterns. Have you seen the swoon block? It’s pretty cool, just google Swoon quilt block and you will have lots of pictures at your fingertips. It reminds me of the Carpenters Wheel block.

It seems like my magazines also have been making a move for more complex piecing. I’m not necessarily talking about partial or inset seams or anything of that nature, but more along the lines of a block that requires more than 3 seams. Honestly, I’m pretty stoked about it. I was a little bored with the over simplified patterns. Don’t get me wrong, they certainly have their uses! Great for larger patterned focus fabrics or perhaps in school colors for a graduation gift. A smaller version works great for a baby or toddler quilt. However, I just don’t find them challenging. That made many magazines boring to me because it seemed like everyone was focusing on simplicity. Now I’m loving the shift back. Are you? Are you finding more inspiration in your magazines? I hope you are.

Well, until tomorrow! Keep fighting the good fight!


2 thoughts on “Really, we are going to do it this time.

  1. I hope things are more complex. There was a pretty big focus on “easy!” and “quick!” and “fast!” And yes, that can be fun for a little bit, but ultimately doesn’t hold my attention very well. I want to make quilts that are interesting, challenging, that I learn something from. The challenge is what makes them fun to me.

    Thanks for the post.

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