Well, I’m going to be a little bit punny and say that the Earth has made quite a few revolutions since I got back here last.

Hopefully your revolutions are going well.  Mine is not so much. I guess I didn’t take myself seriously when I made my original statements so I have been holding steady instead of making progress.  At least I haven’t given ground right?  Blanche, on the other hand, has been kicking some butt!  Plus she has really been getting into the world of Zentangling.  Have you tried this yet?  We had talked about doing this at retreat, and I’m wondering if we shouldn’t get it going this time around.  She has done some amazing stuff and was kind enough to write a post about it.  (Don’t worry Blanche, I do still have it!)  Stay tuned because she also included some of her work.  I’m certain that you will be impressed or at the very least inspired to try it on your own.

I think most of the monkeys have had quite a bit Life happening this summer.  At least that’s what I’ve been gathering from what I’ve heard so far this summer.  I think the biggest news I’ll share today is that over the summer Inez suffered a heart attack. Yeah, big stuff.  She is doing well and recovering nicely. We are thankful that it wasn’t a large one.  I won’t go into lots of details about her medical information, except to say it’s been 6-8 weeks now since the episode and she really is doing well (and of course looking forward to retreat!). She has started cardiac therapy and looking forward to continuing with it to increase her strength and stamina. So, don’t anyone panic if you hadn’t heard the news. It does really make you stop and think when something like that happens to one of your own.  If someone close to you has gone through this, you know how it makes you really stop and look at your own lifestyle and what changes you could make.  Sandra Dee has been making some lifestyle changes of her own and I look forward to talking with her more about that. In the meantime I’ll be working on trying to get my revolutions started up once again. After all, holding steady is not the same as losing ground or giving up the war.

Actually, speaking about lifestyle changes, I had an interesting conversation with a dear friend of mine concerning essential oils.  Do you have any experience with them?  Drop a comment, I would love to chat.  I admit my curiosity has been aroused.  Don’t worry, I don’t plan on wearing tie-dye and joining a commune.  Although that would make for some interesting photo opportunities…..

My dear husband and I have started using UP24 by Jawbone. It’s an activity tracker. So far it shows me how lazy I am on a regular basis. Sometimes that feels motivating, that I want to have my tracker show more. Other days, I kinda shrug and think I’ll do better tomorrow. That won’t get my Revolutions going. So, if you use an activity tracker like UP, drop a comment and let me know how it’s going for you. Maybe we can inspire each other! Or you can inspire me….

Small Blonde has started all day Kindergarten!  Yahoo!  He is so very excited and is starting to read which makes me very excited.  Now that Little Red is getting bigger I can start to work on my sewing room to get it back in order and maybe actually get some sewing done!  I know, amazing right?

Where’s the quilting information??!!  Well, I don’t have much today.  With the small people and not being able to really dedicate some time to my sewing room, I’ve been doing more crochet.  I know, you already know that.  Lately I’ve been delving into a new crochet, amigurumi.  Have you seen them?  They are totes adorbs.  (I hope I have my slang correct…).

Here are some examples of what I’m talking about.

    This last one is from Planet June.  She has a great shop and tutorials and blog.  I’ve been enjoying visiting her site.  Maybe you will too.

I apologize for my stream of consciousness writing today and my almost total lack of cafting information.  Next time will be totes better.  (haha, I can’t go all the way to totes my goats….)  Okay, I promise I won’t stay away so long and next time we’ll have a totally inspiring post from Blanch about Zentangle and you will have a peek at her amazing-ness.  


One thought on “Revolutions

  1. Blanche says:

    Thanks for all those kind words, Opal. I was quite serious about my New Year’s Revolutions when I made them. I needed some real changes in my life after the events of the past few years. Here is my recap:

    Revolution #1 was to lose 20-40 pounds. I’m happy to report that I have lost between 25-30 pounds to date – you know how that pesky scale can jump from day to day. I have been using an app called “My Fitness Pal” to track my food and activity levels and it has helped tremendously. Of course, you have to use the tools and be honest in order to have them be useful, and there have been temptation days where I didn’t meet my limits as I should have. But I’m also being kind to myself and not letting that little nagging voice get me down. My target is 0.5-1 pound a week, and I’ve been able to do that. I still want another 15 – 20 pounds to fall away from me, but I think the progress will be a bit slower since I’m not as heavy as I was. The real reason for this revolution was some blood test results, and I’m also happy to report that those have improved over the last 6 months as well.

    Revolution #2 was to be happier and purge some of the ugliness of the past few years from my being, and I feel I have achieved this one successfully. Initially, I had to focus on things that I was thankful for in my life and write down one thing every day, but after about 10 weeks, I found that I no longer had to go to those lengths. I consider myself purged!

    Revolution #3 was to declutter my life – we have way too much stuff, especially with inheriting all the things that my in-laws owned. This has been an ongoing process, and will continue thru the next year. It isn’t always easy to get rid of things that belonged to the people you love(d), but we have so much of our own stuff already…we are trying to just keep the very special things and the memories. And we are also decluttering our own lives as well as we go. I have clothing that just needs to go at this point – items I was saving to fit back into and now they are too big and just need to go! The thrift shops are going to be the beneficiaries!

    I’m looking forward to being at retreat in just a few short weeks…my, how time flies by when you least expect. It will be great to be back together again and enjoy ourselves.


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