And We’re Back!

Did you miss us? We made it to retreat. I have to say that having that extra day was extraordinary. No, really. The bulk of us went shopping and out to lunch. It was a very nice lunch – soup and sandwiches and lots of hot tea. In fact the tea was so nice that a few of us ended up purchasing these great new tea mugs and tea. It was called Vienna Cinnamon. Mmmmm, heavenly. I do have to admit here that I was thrilled to not have to deal with hot dogs or chicken nuggets and I enjoyed the ability to complete a sentence/conversation without the interruption of small people.

The cup is from the Kati Tea Brewing System and you can see them here.  I picked out the grass one.  You can also check out the tea flavors on this website as well.  Of course you may already be familiar with Tea Forte.  Mine is the one that has grass on it.  I know what you are wondering, have I used it yet?  Well, no.  Not yet.  Although I plan to really really soon.  Saying that makes me feel like Rebecca Bloomwood.  If you’ve read the Shopaholic series, you know what I mean.  If you haven’t and you are looking for a fun read, give it a try.

We did shop 2 quilt shops before heading back to retreat where we were already mostly set up and were able to just relax and bask in each other’s company while relishing in the fact that we were already there and did not have to wake up early the next day to pack the car (and unpack the car) and drive.  That extra day really did make all the difference.  On one level we were a little concerned that perhaps that extra day may mean that it was a day too long in close quarters with each other.  I am extremely happy to report that it did not go that way at all.  We were just thrilled to be there (as usual).  Before you ask, of course we are already counting the days down until our next retreat.

I’m sure you are also wondering if having that extra day made us any more productive.  I would have to say that it did.

Unfortunately, I did not take as many photos as I normally do, but I do have a couple.

Hopefully your revolutions continue to go well.  I’ll get the rest of my thoughts and notes together and we’ll get back together to talk about the funny stuff.


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