And my new research project is….

Freezer meals!  I thought you were probably wondering what I had been up to since I promised not to bombard you with daily blog entries.  I’m sure you are probably wondering, why freezer meals?  If not, you might want to pretend.  Honestly, it’s because we need to eat better as a family and sometimes life seems to be too busy to cook the way I like to.  So, freezer meals and my crock pot seem to be a perfect answer to that!  Of course this means I have been spending an inordinate time on Pinterest (like I need an excuse to do that…) looking for some good recipes.  There are TONS out there.

What does this have to do with quilting?  Quite a bit actually…think about it.  You have a project you want to get finished and have planned a home sewing day or maybe have invited a few friends over to sew together.  The next thing you know, 10 minutes goes by and your family is clamoring for dinner.  I know that is an exaggeration about time, but seriously who hasn’t been in their craft room working on something and the next time you look up it’s time to go to bed?  Here is where the brilliance of freezer meals come in.

When you have those days, you know you are going to be working on your crafts and you can pull something out of the freezer that is already put together and throw it in your crock pot.  Or set an alarm to go off when it is time to put your homemade frozen lasagna in the oven.  I know, Stouffer’s makes a good one.  However, this way your family (and you!) get  a wonderful and healthier home cooked meal.  It’s a win-win!  Even on those days where a big crafting day wasn’t planned, freezer meals still make things pretty convenient.  In theory you would take something out the night before or  the morning of to thaw anyway so your dinner is already taken care of while you go about your day.  I’m sure that most of you are already aware of how to use your crock pot and that freezer meals are an option.  What I wasn’t sure of is whether or not you were aware of just how wide a variety of options are available for you.  I know I’m looking forward to trying out some new things.  I am also fortunate enough to have a buddy who is looking forward to heading down the rabbit hole of freezer meals with me.  Once retreat is over.  Then I should have more time to focus.  I hope.

As it stands, we are getting prepped and ready for our retreat.  I wish that I had done more research before now to be able to use my new-found recipes for retreat.  That’s okay though, it’s not like we don’t eat well while we are there.

My crochet project is almost finished and I just need to do the border and it will be ready to be shipped off!  Yahoo!  Don’t worry, I’ll have a picture to share before it is sent off.

Another bonus, spring appears to be sneaking in. Can’t wait to be able to send the Small Blonde out to play.  I know he’s ready to get on his slide and I’m ready to start opening windows and getting some fresh air circulating.

As far as my Revolutions, well, I need to weigh in and see how things are going… I’ve been holding steady which is certainly better than gaining!  I have managed to get on the elliptical for 2 weeks now (mostly every other day) and have bumped my time from 5 minutes to 10 minutes.  When I have music playing it’s easier to get more time in.  Now I need to decide between jumping to 20 minutes or easing into 15 minutes for next week.  As far as getting more organized, the parlor has been completely converted into a toy room with storage and it is AWESOME!  Seriously it’s Closetmaid stuff, but it all works so well including benches under with window for the kiddos to sit on while they are reading or gaming or whatever.  My living room is almost complete as well so we are making some progress.  Just have to get those habits changed.  I hope your Revolutions are going well too!


2 thoughts on “And my new research project is….

  1. Blanche says:

    Hi, Opal,

    I’m so glad that you are making progress on your “New Year’s Revolutions.” I know how hard that can be with little ones demanding your time – it’s hard to get those workouts in on a consistent basis. But making a start is the key, and you are certainly started!

    I’m also making progress on my “revolutions.” If our readers remember, I had 3 revolutions I made this year:

    1. I am going to revolt against the extra weight I’ve been carrying around these past years – 20-40 extra pounds in 2014.

    Well, I finally got started down the path to losing weight…although it’s hard to be vigilant and really pay attention to not only what but how much I’m putting into my body, it’s important. I have a family history of diabetes on both sides of my family, and with all the issues I had going on the past year I couldn’t do my routine workouts, and so, my blood sugar climbed higher than I was comfortable with. My doctor gave me 3 months to see if I could do something about it or it’s time for medicine (which I’d like to avoid) – lose weight, exercise more, and watch what I eat. And so I started 3 weeks ago…back to the gym after work most days and dieting for me. I’ve had to take is slow so I don’t overstress my knees that are still recovering, but this is good for strengthening them too. And I’m not counting calories, but rather using an exchange system similar to weight watchers – this allows me a lot of freedom in what and when I eat. I started making my own yogurt again (I used to do this when my children were young) so I could have it on a regular basis – if you haven’t done this, it is really quite easy to make starting with a commercial yogurt that contains live bacteria. And so the result of this has been 4 pounds lost and a drop in my fasting blood sugar by 25-35 points. I still have a ways to go until my FBS is “normal”, but it isn’t as scary as it was a few weeks ago. I see him again the end of May, and I’d really love to have those numbers (weight and FBS/A1C) both lower.

    2. I am going to revolt against negativity in my life.

    I’ve been trying to write down one thing I’m thankful for every day in a little red spiral notebook I carry with me. I’m pretty good at this during the work week, but tend to neglect it on the weekends, so now I’m focusing on this to see if I can remember. It’s sometime hard to come up with a new something to be thankful for, but it is the process of focusing on the positive that is beneficial.

    3. I am going to revolt against excess stuff in my life.

    I have been working on this. I’ve unpacked all of the boxes of things that I stored from my in-laws estate, and am in the process of getting them ready for garages sales and donations. I’ve gone thru my fabric stash and have culled 2 bags of fabrics to donate to our pillocase project that we’re doing at retreat next week. I’ve been using up my scrap squares in donation quilts (I made 4 quilts for a Wounded Warriors benefit this month). And I’ve started selling some of the items on our workplace bulletin board. So it’s a start. I’m keeping track of all of the items that are leaving us so at the end of 2014, I don’t have to wonder if I’ve made headway against the excess.

    I’m content with the progress I’ve made so far…it is a long-term process for all 3 of the revolutions I made…I’ll be working on them for quite some time to come.

  2. Heather says:

    Freezer meals are awesome!

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