How is your Year Shaping Up?

Are you getting lots done?  Are you staying true to your Revolutions?  I found some new strength for mine this month and I’m fairly excited for that.  Now I just need to get the body to cooperate with what the mind wants.  I have faith though, that I will find that balance and make my Revolution a success.  In particular, some weight loss.  My goal, is to lose a pound a week for the year.  Yep, one measly little pound.  I’m hoping that I’ll have a few weeks where I lose more than 1 so I can catch up from the first few weeks of the year.  However, I will take whatever I can get.  After all, that is certainly better than nothing.  My thought is that one pound a week will make the loss easier to keep off.  I won’t bore you with details.  After all, this is my Revolution to stage.

I’m still finding myself continually drawn to those modern quilts that I’ve written about before.  I’m happy to keep finding magazines to satisfy my need.  That and Pinterest.  Ahh, Pinterest.  You are so addictive.

I would love to say that I have been getting tons of stuff done, but you all know me better than that.  I’m on another crochet kick.  That’s hardly surprising. Right now I’m working on finishing Little Red’s afghan and a baby blanket for a friend of my sister who had a baby very early and has now gotten his weight up to 3 lbs!  Seriously, he is doing well and I wanted to do something nice and I figure with the two monsters I have running around it’s going to be faster for me to crochet than to try to sew at this point.  I’ll post some pictures when I get them done.

Otherwise, things are quiet here and fairly quiet amongst the monkey tribe.  To that end, I will leave you with some cuteness.  Happy February and I hope that your Revolutions are going well!


DSC_0375 (7)


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