Oh the Irony

So yeah, it’s been a while since I made the time to write. Ironically the last post I made also had to do with New Year‘s. Okay, I’ll just get on with it.

Inspiration came to me from an unexpected source. I am assuming that you have seen the commercials for AT&T where they use kids as a focus group. The latest in the series (that I have seen) has to do with one of the kids making a New Year’s Revolution. The host pauses and then asks what he is going to do and the kid responds with vowing to eat more jelly beans than he did last year.  Ahh, says the host, less to do with revolting and more to do with eating things that are bad for you. Yeah, the kid smiles.

At first I laughed because of the use of the word, “Revolution”. However, I then started to think. We make resolutions every year, but how resolute are we really? I think we tend to all have similar goals; improve our bodies, improve our minds, improve our lifestyle through organization or decluttering or whatever method we think we need. How long do you manage to keep up with your resolution?  I stand among those that are not so resolute.  Otherwise I would not need to make the same resolutions every year.

The more I think about the word “Revolution” I begin to think perhaps that is a better word than “Resolution”.  After all, sometimes these changes we want to make in our lives means that we do need to stage a minor revolt.  A revolt in the way we think or the habits we have.  In my case I need to revolt against the power I have given to potato chips…  This year I think I will try to change my mindset and think more in terms of a revolution.  After all, it couldn’t hurt and maybe that will help me to stand more resolute.

In this home, New Year’s Day is a big deal.  My husband had a grandmother (or perhaps a great grandmother, I’m not sure) who fostered the belief that what you do on New  Year’s Day is indicative of what you will do the whole year through.  We spend a bit of time planning what our activities are going to be for New Year’s Day just in case this is true.  I am squeezing in some time to sew or cut or do some other craft because I would like to do more than I did last year.

Perhaps you have a similar plan.  If you do, I wish you luck in standing resolute  in fighting your revolutions for change.

Happy New Year – may it be a safe and happy one!



3 thoughts on “Oh the Irony

  1. Blanche says:

    Dear Opal,

    I love the idea of a New Year’s Revolution! Resolutions never last long for me…don’t get me wrong – I make resolutions every year, but I just don’t seem to carry thru with them for very long. I have the best of intentions, but it just isn’t enough any more. So this year, I’m going to commit to a few revolutions in my life. Here’s my list of revolutions for 2014:

    1. I am going to revolt against the extra weight I’ve been carrying around these past years. There are many reasons that I need to do this (several health concerns lead the list here), but mostly I’m just tired of carrying the additional pounds around. My family history dooms me to being overweight unless I am constantly vigilant, and I certainly don’t mind a few extra pounds, but it’s far beyond that at this point. So, I’m going to revolt against 20-40 extra pounds in 2014.

    2. I am going to revolt against negativity in my life. Many of our reader’s don’t know that the past 4 years have been filled with unhappy memories and ugly interactions with others…the passing of all 4 parent’s, more than 2 years of ugliness dealing with siblings as an executor of my parent’s estate, and much more. It was a lot of stress that I really didn’t want or need and at times, I felt like I was barely able to keep my sanity. I was so thankful for those who supported me and listened to my venting thru it all. Negativity is banished…it will be replaced with positive thoughts.

    3. I am going to revolt against excess stuff in my life. I have furniture and boxes of things that moved with my father-in-law to our house, and I’ve ignored dealing with them for almost 3 years – it’s time to unpack the boxes, sort thru things, and have garage sales or donate the stuff to the thrift stores of our favorite charities. I have much too much fabric that I don’t like and will never use, so it’s time to donate some of it to a charity project we are doing at the next retreat in March. I’m sure there is other stuff that will be purged throughout the year as well – things we no longer want, use, or need. I think I will keep a list of things that are taken out so that I can reward myself with a feeling of accomplishment on New Year’s Eve 2014.

    I’m looking forward to these revolts…I will be a better person as I make these changes…anyone else want to join me???


    • mouse7116 says:

      That is awesome Blanche! I am with you all the way! Keep me posted on how you are doing!

      • Blanche says:

        My revolt against negativity is going to be fueled by writing something I am thankful for into a little notebook each day…okay, I may not get them written daily (just knowing me), but I will note one specific thing I am thankful for every day in 2014 and write them in the notebook when I can. On those days when I’m a bit more gloomy, this will remind me of all the things I have to be thankful for in my life.


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