Happy New Year! (Yes, I know this is 11 months late…)

Here is a post I had been working on prior to the arrival of our smallest blonde.  See how far behind I am?

Have you all made your New Year’s Resolutions?  I haven’t.  I never seem to stick to them.  I do have Goals though.  That just makes it seem like there’s more flexibility than there is in a Resolution.  I’m sure I’ll have the same Goals next year too.  Get the house cleaner and more organized, lose some weight, spend more time crafting, probably some of the same ones you have yourself.

I did do some work in my craft room on New Year’s Day.  Actually, I had convinced my husband that I had finally saved enough money to get the Ikea closet I’ve been dreaming of.  So, a couple of days after Christmas we took a road trip to Ikea and purchased everything I needed to make my dream quilting storage come true.  That means that there are now boxes lying around with their contents waiting to be assembled.  I’m also not very patient.  I also know that in order to get these wardrobe frames in the closet there is a significant amount of work to be done to said closet before they can be assembled and quite frankly I do not want to wait that long! What needs to be done?  Well, part of the drywall needs to come down and the doorway reframed and the inside of the closet needs to be taped and mudded and primed and painted (probably just white since you won’t see it for the two humongous wardrobe frames in there).  Which of course caused us to rethink the doors for the closet as it doesn’t seem that the normal bi-fold doors will be suitable.  It appears that we will just set the units inside and frame around them and pick up doors from Ikea at a later date.  Easy solution.

Not so easy solution was how was I going to get some of this unit assembled so I could start using it?  After all, the closet is full of tubs full of fabric so working on all that would be difficult at best and there really isn’t anywhere in the room to put the tubs temporarily so that work can begin.  I decided that if we moved my yarn we could set up one of the units and I could get the fabric that is in the closet put away so that it wouldn’t be so full of tubs.  So that is exactly what we did.  The results were so good that all my fabric fit in the one unit!  There’s not a whole lot of room for expansion, but everything is in there from my stash.  Seeing it all like that makes me feel like my stash is small….  Of course my husband said good thing you bought two because now you can store some of your other stuff in the second one once we get them installed.  He’s right, and I’m hoping that I can get some of those projects done so that there will be room for more fabric.  I mean, you can always use more fabric right? I even put away the bags of fabric I had sitting around waiting until the next time I convinced my husband to take all my tubs out so I could put things away.  I’m sure you are probably wondering how many storage tubs I cleared out.  The answer is 14.  Keep in mind that they weren’t all completely full.  Everything had been sorted by color or specialty (like my Civil War Reproductions, Batiks,  and Asian fabrics).  When I began thinking this project through I also went through my fabric and uniformly folded all of the fat quarter and 1/2 yards so they were the same size and we had estimated that two tubs would equal one drawer (not full tubs, just the area that fills the bottom with the uniformly folded fabrics).  However, the drawers held just a bit more.  Plus the shelves are deep enough that I could have my larger yardage not folded up a bunch and they can lay nicely with the selvage edges in the back so I can see the fabrics better on the folds.  Here’s a picture of what I mean.


See?  Isn’t that cool?  I was pretty impressed.  Of course now I want the closet done so I can get the other unit assembled and put even more stuff away.  Although now I have gotten to thinking about my yarn stash.  Whenever I start an afghan I pick colors to match whoever will be gifted.  That means that I have lots of leftovers and yarns that I have been gifted/inherited.  I’m thinking that my first stop will be to start doing some projects where I can use up that yarn and get it out of my stash.  Not sure what all I’ll make with it, but you have to start somewhere.  Plus that is something I can work on while lounging on the couch in the evening.  At least that is where my mind is taking me at this time.

Since having written this, I discovered a new book while at Joann‘s.  It is titled Crochet One Skein Wonders.  You can see more about it here.  There are a lot of scarves in there, but it also breaks things down by the type of yarn so you aren’t looking at delicate projects for your bulky stuff.  Anyway, I thought it was pretty cool and think it will help me burn through my left overs and actually make something useful.

Of course now I don’t have much time to lounge on the couch, let alone much time to spend in my sewing room.  I’m hopeful that will change soon though, that the mai tei wrap I ordered will arrive and  allow me to wear the smallest blonde so I can continue to work and still spend quality time with the smallest blonde.  That would at least help me to stay on track.  I’m certainly not giving up on it.

I would like to add that I was really optimistic when I wrote all this – I haven’t really had much time to sew at all.  I made 19 Transformers pillowcases for small blonde’s birthday party and that was a stretch.  I remain optimistic though.  Small blonde goes to school 3 days a week and smallest blonde is becoming more independent so I just might be able to start sneaking in some quality time with my machine.  It certainly let me know how much it missed me while we were at this year’s fall retreat.  Wish me luck that this best laid plan doesn’t go awry.  At least this time.


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