Welcome Back, Mr. Kotter!

Okay, so that dates me a little bit.  But that’s okay, I can live with that.

Things are finally settling down in our house now with our newest addition.  I unfortunately had to miss retreat, but was able to take both boys out to visit the monkeys.  I’ll confess further that I have no time for sewing.  Really, I’ve had no time for sleep either and I think right now I miss the sleep a little bit more.  I know, this too shall pass.

However, I still have yet to get started on the dinosaur quilt.  I think I’m stuck on the layout.  I have the dinosaur patterns that I want to use and the border fabric and I think I also have the backing fabric which just leaves me to see what I have that will work for background and to have Small Blonde assist me in picking out the fabrics for the dinosaurs on his quilt.  I think he has forgotten about them, but it would be a nice project for us to start on during the next rainy day when we can’t get outside.  Since spring is slowly making its appearance, we should have plenty of those.  However, I need to clear off the dining room table (AGAIN!) so I can actually work on the project.  I would work on it in my sewing room, but as we have been cleaning the house it has become a dumping ground for all the little crafting things that I had squirreled away throughout the house.  At least they are making their way back to where they belong.  The next trick is to actually find them a home.

So, no real quilting news from me.  Missing retreat was a real bummer but I couldn’t leave my husband at home with a newborn.  Per his request.  The girls all had a great time, but as I am the keeper of Grease there was no Grease viewing at this retreat which was also missed.  At least we’ll have something to look forward to this fall.  And no, I didn’t with hold it on purpose.

I hope this finds all of you doing well and able to get outside to enjoy some sunshine and if you can’t do that, I hope at least you are able to enjoy some spring inspiring fabrics.

Okay, my pillow is calling my name as 4:30 is awfully early in the morning for me.  Don’t worry though, I’ll see you soon!


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