Time to start another project.

You’ll have to pardon me for how long it’s been since I got out here to write more about our retreat shenanigans.  The truth is that I need to find my notes.  I can hear the other monkeys cackling now, that I actually take notes at retreat from time to time.  Well, how else am I supposed to keep track of the goofy things we say?  I admit that I can’t keep track of everything.  I try, but I honestly have to keep notes.

Oh, yeah, time to start another project?  Like I don’t have enough going on and with Christmas around the corner I admittedly have lots of things I could be completely for gifts.  That being said, I’m still going to start something new.  I can hear you moaning from here.  Don’t worry, this will be something that goes slowly and should be a lot of fun.  Plus I learned a new and different way to pick colors.

Now that my brain is jumbling around a bunch of thoughts about what I should tell you next.  Can you tell I’m a little excited?  Or maybe it’s that I want to be sure that I don’t forget anything…  First, the project.  It is a mystery quilt.  Have you done one?  I’m sure you have at least thought about it.  The one I’m doing is this one, it is called Easy Street.  I know I’ve talked before about scrap quilts and Bonnie Hunter.  This mystery quilt is her latest quilt.  She will be posting the first set of instructions on 11/23 so please feel free to join me on this journey.  If you follow the link you will find her supply list for this quilt.  It’s going to be sizable at 96×96 finished.

On to that new way to pick out colors.  If you head to the link you’ll see some photos that Bonnie has posted with her fabric and then some pictures of paint chips.  Paint chips?  I know, I didn’t really think about it either.  But, if you are shopping from your scrap stash it would be handy to have something that is exactly what you are looking for so as you sort through your scraps so you would have something to use for comparison.    Pretty ingenious isn’t it?  I thought so.  If you are looking for more information about color, I really can’t stress this book enough – Joen Wolfrom Color Play.  It has to be one of my most favorite quilting books on the market.  She takes you through how the color wheel works and how you can get out of your rut when choosing colors for your next project.  She has gorgeous color photos throughout the book with color combinations directly from nature.  This book isn’t about quilting patterns or the latest and greatest methods.  It is a Bible for color, something that you will find yourself referring to again and again just to get a new point of view.  Okay, I’ll get off my soap box now, but you should know that sometimes I pull that book out just to look at all the pictures and hopefully absorb some more of the knowledge that it contains.  I plan on pulling it out now to make a decision on which colors I want to use for Easy Street so I can go pick up my paint chips and shop my stash.

I hope you’ll join me and do the same.


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