The last of the retreat fun!

But first I wanted to share with you the latest thing that I have learned.  Part of my days have been spent doing loads of de-cluttering and I also started to lay some stick-on adhesive floor in one of the alcoves in the attic.  Of course I am an independent woman (which for me translates to stubbornly tries to do everything herself before asking for help.    Please note that “independent” does not translate this way for every woman) and figured I could do it all myself.  So, I laid the first piece.  I should probably mention that our bedroom is in the attic and I’m turning this alcove into a reading nook. After putting down the first piece I remembered that I would have to cut subsequent pieces not only to fit but also so that they would be staggered and have a more natural look (well, as natural as it can been when it is a wood looking vinyl stick on floor).  That is when the lightbulb went off in my head.  I have a rotary cutter down stairs and really, that acts very similar to an exacto-knife plus I have a small mat and ruler that I could use to make sure my lines were straight.  How much of a genius am I?  I did manage to lay just over 30 square feet in under 2 hours which did amaze my husband but he was not as impressed with  my ingenuity as I was anticipating.  That was a little disappointing.  I’m sharing here in a blatant attempt to soothe my ego.  Enough about me, on to the rest of the retreat hilarity!

Hattie brought her demented dulcimer to retreat again (per our popular request) and we harangued her until she got it out to practice.    Inez, upon seeing Hattie preparing to practice, announced that she looked like a leprechaun on vacation in Hawaii.

Pardon me as I backtrack a little bit to the quilt show we visited.  I almost forgot to mention that Sandra Dee was acting as a wingman (wingwoman?) for Hattie although we were quick to mention that many of the men we would be seeing there were probably married but Sandra Dee carried out her task as best she could even to the point of preparing to ask the one man we saw at the show whether he had a brother.

Back at the building M was subjected, once again, to teaching Sandra Dee and Hazel the finer points of paper piecing.    Please notice the camera and note pad that Hazel has with her.  They were both trying really hard to get it right.  After all they both bought those paper pieced patterns on our first shopping trip.  Here you can see Sandra Dee with her finished product.  It was a huge success!

We alway s like to give Hattie a hard time because she naps a lot and isn’t as productive as say, Blanche.  This retreat she totally out-did herself.  She cut the arm off of a sweater (wool, I believe) and sewed one end closed to make a sleeve for her Kindle.  Here she is showing it off at show-and-tell.  Considering Hattie brings her dulcimer, spinning wheel, sewing machine table and fabric, Blanche felt the need to ask her why do you bring so much stuff with you don’t do anything?  Now that I think about it, we never did get an answer. In case you were wondering if she really brought a spinning wheel, I do have photographic evidence.  Here it is in all it’s glory.  I think we are all secretly jealous that she has one and can spin her own yard and yet at the same time have no idea when we would even fit in the time to learn the craft.

Hazel and Sandra Dee left us early and we were a bit emptier without them.  However, Hazel did manage to get a great start on one of her projects.  All together they spell, “Give Thanks” or something like that .  You can find the project in on of the Art to Heart books by Nancy Halvorsen.  She has some of the cutest stuff.  Be sure to check her out if you haven’t seen her work before.

Inez had a rather large project ahead of her.  Her husband’s nice was graduating from seminary and it is tradition that a banner is made and incorporates elements from their home church and the verse the class selected to represent them.  It is rather unlike Inez to work only on one project while at retreat and I think it was driving her a little stir crazy.    Here is a peek at the beginnings of the project.  Inez opted to also do a lot with the quilting to help pull some elements together like quilting in the pipes from their church’s pipe organ in brown border.  However the best part were the grapes.   Here are the ever so lovely grapes in their “pincushion” stage.  Inez was doing this with the machine applique method.   Here they are nicely pressed down and we weren’t sure that we got them in “exactly” the same order they were in during the pincushion stage.   Here is Inez saying she doesn’t want any more of those stinkin’ grapes.  Or maybe she was telling me not to take her picture.  Let’s go with no more stinkin’ grapes.

Grease night was almost a bust this time around because we couldn’t figure out how to work the television and dvd player.  I know that doesn’t sound like something that should stump 20-some quilters, but it did.  You would think that they would leave some instructions (since we’ve asked for them) or replace the remote for the dvd player (since we’ve asked for that too) but no such luck for us and we are left to fend for ourselves and we almost lost the battle.  Every retreat we say we should figure out the tv on the first day and every time we leave it until the last-minute.  We don’t really do much tv watching out there even though we  bring lots of movies (okay, I bring lots of movies just in case).  This time I think we had 4 or 5 people working on trying to get it to work and it took a man, namely my husband when he came out to visit with the small blonde, to get it all figured out.  I’m hoping that we can replicate it in the fall.

I think that almost wraps up our retreat fun from this time.  However, I will leave you with a comment that was heard from the other room, “I’m not going to poo in it to see what happens”.  I should leave you some context as well.  S in the other room was drafting a cloth diaper pattern and making samples of said cloth diapers.  Hopefully she was able to get it all worked out.


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