More Retreat Fun

It’s amazing how much we can cram into our time at retreat. Ruby came by to visit us at retreat and arrived there shortly after we returned from the quilt show.  It was so nice that she was coming out to see us, although we were really wishing that she was there for the entire retreat…  Anyway, I have another friend, D, who has a family photo “tradition” where they eat heads.  For some reason I always find the resulting photos funny.  I asked Ruby if she would comply with “eating” Sandra Dee‘s head.  Here they are.

  You can’t tell from the photos, but Sandra Dee is sewing on her machine and not really paying attention to what we are doing.  That’s not terribly surprising.    That night we got to play with the fabric fairy as a couple of our members had to leave retreat early.

Here are our fabric fairies.  Please notice Blanche and Hattie in the thick of things.    These are also our fearless retreat leaders and they do their darndest to keep us all in line, which as you have seen is not an easy job.    A couple of retreats ago they did something pretty cool for our fabric fairy gift.  I suppose I’ve neglected to really define what that is and should do so now.  There is another tradition at retreat where our fearless leaders spend incredible amounts of time trying to find the best item to commemorate retreat.  There have been a wide variety of things over the years from assorted fat quarters to small rulers to pin cushions. Our current crew of leaders has been fairly creative and a few retreats ago asked for some donations of items that we weren’t using anymore.  So, they pilfered their own crafting areas and fabric stashes and then created “quilter’s money” where we could “purchase” and/or trade wrapped and marked items.  It was an absolute hoot and a huge hit.  So, in a similar reprisal the leadership crew decked themselves out for St. Patrick’s Day complete with light-up shamrock glasses and necklaces.  They passed out golden coins that had our lucky number on them. That just determined what order we would get to choose from individually wrapped items.  Here are some monkeys waiting for the rules to be read and for their turn to pick items.    You can see the anticipation in their faces.  They are so excited!  Don’t worry, we didn’t have to wait long.

Here is Sandra Dee preparing to dive in to the prizes.  

And here is Vera running away with her choice.  

Here we are pouring over our prizes.  Hazel, Inez and Sandra Dee checking out what new treasurers they have.

Sandra Dee is always ready to pose for the camera with Vera.

You can’t really tell from these photos, but Inez’s hair is a little tousled.  There was a message therapist at the other building and everyone has an opportunity to take advantage of the opportunity.  However, Inez was gone for quite a while and she came back a little disheveled which made us wonder what really did go on up there…..

For this post, I will leave you with this story.  As Sandra Dee was preparing for retreat she was talking with another friend about how excited she was about retreat and was trying to convey to this friend what it is we really do. Apparently some things got lost in translation because her friend tried to explain to one of her friends that we go out to a cabin in the middle of the woods where we have no alcohol and we just sew and we have to cook our own meals.  Her friend’s response was, you’re kidding right?  We laughed and laughed when Sandra Dee related that to us mainly because they had so much disbelief about it.  Nope, that’s pretty much what it is, but also it is so much more.


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