Shopping with the Monkeys

This time while at retreat, we went shopping. I guess that’s not really a rare occurrence.  We occasionally go shopping while we are at retreat and are fortunate enough that there is a nice quilt shop a couple of towns over.  This time we had wind of a new quilt shop that had opened and we were eager to check it out.  So, Sandra Dee, Inez, Hazel, Hattie, and myself piled into a couple of cars and headed into town.  It is a cute little shop and they had a lot of little paper pieced patterns, which as you know is detrimental for Sandra Dee and Hazel.  However, there are a couple of nice things about the patterns.  The first is that some of them are really simple and the second is that they are by a local quilter.  Sandra Dee has a new granddaughter (and by new I mean a couple of months old) and while in the shop found the cutest pattern for a – wait for it – tooth fairy pillow.  We did laugh about how she would be needing that right away.  The shop also had this most gorgeous brown and teal paisley fabric that they were waiting to restock which meant that I couldn’t buy any.  Boo!  After shopping at the quilt shop, Inez and Sandra Dee wanted to stop at the Dollar store for some pretty dish towels as Blanche was going to teach us how to make decorative dish towels using fabric.  If you are having trouble picturing this, you may be more familiar with the ones that have the crocheted tops that you can button or snap over your stove or handles on your kitchen cupboard doors.  Little did I know what I was getting myself into.

We stopped for Sandra Dee to get her dish towels and then Inez decided that since she hadn’t picked up monkey gifts that she would get them there.  That meant that we wandered around  and wandered around and wandered around until she found just the right thing.  Sandra Dee found her dish towels and Inez wandered until she was sure that she had just the right monkey gift.  Then we were headed to the checkout and back to retreat, or so I thought.  Sandra Dee went first I believe and after checking out she proceeded to head over to the clothing rack where she proceeded to find more items and then headed back to the checkout just in time for Inez to finish her check out.  Inez then came over to the clothing racks and while Sandra Dee was checking out for the second time, decided to check out the clothing rack as well.   Then as Sandra Dee was finishing her second check out, Inez was walking back over for her second check out.  Of course that meant that Sandra Dee started to check out another section of the store while Inez was checking out and I was beginning to think that I would never get out of the dollar store.  I think there was another check out apiece and then we were finally out of the store and heading back to retreat where we could once again bask in the glow of each other’s company.

Here is a hint of what we had for monkey gifts at this retreat.

  Inez had finally made up her mind and got us an elephant storage basket and a princess place mat for our meals.  Most of the other stuff is hanging out in the elephant storage basket.  Yep, that is Inez in the background.

  We found these on our machines – who would have thought that there would be Irish monkeys??

  See what I mean about us starting to assimilate our alter egos?  We are really enjoying all of this.

Our first day was full of lots of laughter and hugs and of course there were lots of monkey  yells as we greeted each other and set up our tables.  Blanche was setting up for some serious sewing as she was making a wedding dress for a good friend of hers and I wanted to be careful not to take pictures of it for the blog case the lucky groom finds his way here.  We wouldn’t want him to see what his blushing bride will be wearing on their special day.    Blanche is a great sewer and the dress is shaping up beautifully.

As the day wore on Sandra Dee was working on some soccer pillows and needed a larger seam than our traditional 1/4″ so we encouraged her to measure from her needle and then we laughed when she pulled out a floppy tape measure to mark where to line up her fabric rather than using a solid ruler. Her response was to tell us that 1/2″ wiggly is better than a 1/2″ hard.  Of course that conversation deteriorated quickly.  I would like to say that didn’t last very long, but unfortunately we pretty much stayed there for the rest of the evening.

On our second day we decided to head for another local guild’s quilt show because Inez (who is also a member of that guild) had signed up to work the entrance table and shopping on our first day was just not going to be enough.

I would like to leave you with what the pretty people look like in pajamas.  Allow me to put before you Pretty Person Sandra Dee in her pajamas.


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