We’re Baaaaack – and this time it’s about retreat!

Of course we had a great time and it seemed like we were leaving minutes after we got there because we can never have too much togetherness in the tribe.  Hattie was even volunteering Blanche’s home for a get together this summer.  Blanche didn’t realize that Hattie had emailed about that until we all started talking about dates and descending on Blanche’s house and would we need two cars for this excursion.  Sandra Dee confirmed that she is indeed retiring at the end of this month and there were no huge gags played this time around, which was a total bummer.  However, I did take notes on some of the more humorous things that were said to share with all of you.  I will confess that there was one minor gag that took place and I did NOT get a picture of it.  I will take my 50 lashes with the wet noodle now.  Thank you.

The gag?  Oh yes, allow me to put before you quilter Hattie.  Hattie has developed a habit of putting up curtains around her bed.  I know that is a little difficult to picture so let me see if I can clarify.  We sleep in bunk beds and retreat is usually limited to the number of bottom bunks which is 20.  Hattie likes to take sheets, or perhaps it is real curtains, and create a tent by tucking them under the mattress on the top bunk (or maybe she has something to string them along I’m not sure and I have NO pictures).  At our last retreat, Hattie had some fall/Halloween fabric and created curtains/drapes designated for fall retreats.  Of course there is lots of teasing going on about what she is doing in her “tent” behind her drapes and is she entertaining back there or perhaps holding interviews?  None of us are really sure except for Hattie and she’s not talking.  She just smiles at us.  Hazel has found this particularly funny and has been on the hunt for something to dress up those drapes.  I won’t go into detail in case she finds what she is looking for although I do promise that I will take pictures when that happens.  Since Hazel could not find what she wanted, she settled for a monkey shower curtain and hung it on Hattie’s bunk before the real drape went up.  That’s what I missed getting a picture of.  Hattie did take time to make her spring retreat curtains so now she has two designated sets of curtains for her bunk come spring or fall.  At least that is what I think she was working on down there….

Retreat was also a little funny this time around because since we decided that we needed to have a blog and pseudonyms were much safer to protect the parties involved that we are now thinking of ourselves as our pseudonyms.  It’s like having an alter ego without any altering.  I suppose that would just make them our egos, but egos with a different name.  But I digress….

At this point I will honestly admit that I haven’t looked over my notes or uploaded the pictures from my camera.  However, I do have a couple of the projects I worked on while at retreat and will share them with you for the sake of the blog.

  This is my gnome.  It was given to me by my friend Lisa when we bowled City Tournament this year.  She likes monkeys too so I think she would fit right in with the rest of us.  He came out for a little while to hang out while I worked on the penguins.

  Here is one of the penguins. There are a total of nine.  I haven’t figure out how I would like to set them yet, but I’m sure something will come to me.  You can also see my gnome friend hanging about with the penguins.

  This one was a little bit tricky.  I think I mentioned that a few years ago I had picked up a “quilter’s pocket” that hat 3 total yards. The border was a one yard cut and there were six – 1/3 yard cuts.  Of course the card with it said that it was enough fabric for a small quilt or a table runner.  However, as you can see, there is not a whole lot in terms of lights or background which made it a little more difficult to find a pattern, but find one I did and there is the result.  Ta-da!

  Here is the last project I finished at retreat.  I saw this at a show and bought the kit primarily because of the border fabric.  Anyway, it was all on point and in rows rather than blocks so the assembly took quite a bit longer than I had anticipated.  This quilt is also where I showed my true quilting brilliance and I am happy to share that brilliance with you now.  If you notice there is a red inner border there.  That same red is used for the binding.  Of course in my pre-cutting frenzy I had cut both, one being thinner than the other.  Of course I attached the binding rather than the inner border.  Couldn’t figure out why I had some skinny strips left…go figure.  It works at any rate and that is the way it will stay.

  If you look closely you can see that the outer border is antique toys.  The sock monkey caught my eye and I couldn’t pass it up.  We’ll see how long it takes me to get it quilted.

I promise that I will get the pictures off my camera and ready for your enjoyment.  Until then, these will have to do.


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