We’re Baaaaaack…….and a public service announcement

However, before I embark on a play by play from our latest retreat I wanted to share in case the cyberworld can help recover what this fellow quilter has lost.  Yep, I’m talking about stolen quilts.  You can read about and see pictures of the missing items here.

As a quilter I completely understand the heartbreak of having someone steal your quilts.  Those outside our craft are not necessarily keyed in on how we go through our process of finding a pattern, painstakingly choosing our fabrics, and the hours it takes to assemble our fabulous fabric creations.  It’s not always about the money we spend at the quilt shops or for our long-arm quilter.  It’s about the process.  I think for most of us quilters being able to piece and quilt is our way of saving our sanity.  It gives us a creative outlet and a medium for creating art.  It enables us to escape the world or our troubles for a little while and create something beautiful.  Even if it is only beautiful to us.

What makes the doubly disturbing is that when quilts are stolen chances are that those who are doing the taking don’t really know what they have and might use what is a priceless treasure to us as something for their dog to sleep on or left in a car to be sun-bleached or wrap oily car parts in.  What a sad ending for our hard work.

What makes this particular theft even more disturbing than that is that the items were stolen from a quilting teacher who is now also missing her class samples and step outs to use in class for illustration.  Hours and hours of her hard work that will have to be replicated for her to continue teaching us her techniques so that we can also create quilts like the ones she has had taken from her.

Faithful readers, please keep your eyes open for these quilts or any other quilts that you may find at yard sales or flea markets that could match those that have been taken from our fellow quilter.  You can also find more information at this website, dedicated to helping those who have lost quilts get the word  out to others so that their quilt may once again  find its way home.


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