And now it is time for a short pause.

That is because I need time to pack and get ready for retreat!  Whoo hoo!  Oh yes, that is a whoo hoo.  There will probably be a lot more of them said before Thursday morning gets here.  Emails have been flying frantically as we are all super excited to see each other.  Whoo hoo!  However, I now need to make my final decisions on what projects I am going to take with me.  As I may have mentioned, I am a mood sewer so I am faced with predicting what mood I am going to be in over the four-day retreat.  What that translates to is that I take a couple of hard projects and a couple of easy projects.  And a couple of things that I have worked on at retreat before.  My easy projects are packed, the decisions are made for the hard projects and I think I have figured out what to pick for the other two.  Maybe I’ll look at picking up a couple more just in case it’s an off day.  I’ve even gotten a little smarter about packing.  Now, not only will my projects have their own little storage units so that they can all be kept neat during travel, but I will be taking tonight and tomorrow to get everything cut that I can so that I can really start out by just sitting and sewing.

However, there is one project I would like to take with me but I’m stuck on it as well for what pattern to use.  I think I may have figured out the teal and brown combo…I’ve narrowed it down to 2 patterns: Storm At Sea and Burgoyne Surrounded.  Both are on my dream list and I’ve drafted them up in Quilt Pro with colors so I can see how they would work so now I just ned to make my decision.  I’m looking to make this a king so that it will fit on my bed.  However, I’m going to sleep on that decision for a little longer to make sure I’ve made the right decision.

As far as the other project I’m trying to figure out, I would like to get this one in a full size since that is what size bed my small blonde boy will be in once we bite the bullet and buy the mattress and convert his toddler bed.  Here are those fabrics:

  Cute, aren’t they?  I’ve been thinking about cutting the little robot rectangles apart, but they are not a uniform size so I would need to add a little bit to them to make them uniform squares.  That project is still coming together.  I have drafted up a couple of options but I’m still not exactly sure how this one will come together.  It’s okay though, I’ve still got time.

For one of my difficult projects I’m going to bring the Quilt for a Cure that I’ve mentioned before.  I did take some pictures to share my progress.

  For your reference, here is the complete quilt.  I still love the look of it.

  Here is the floral that I had thought I fussy cut….only I haven’t done that just yet.  Oops…

  Here are some of the diamond units. There are A’s and B’s of these units.  I’m glad that I have that much done.

  This is what it looks like when you sew them together incorrectly.  I still don’t care for pinning but will have to bite the bullet on these units.  There really is no other way to do them.  You can see that my dark blue and light blue points are not matching up very nicely…

  Here is one that I did correctly.  I wish the pile under it were also ones that were done correctly, but they are just more A and B units.  I think there are only 2 that I managed to match up correctly and 3 that I will need to separate in order to fix.  Unfortunately I’ll also have to do a little pressing to make these units crisp to ensure that I have an easier time assembling them.  Hopefully I can get that accomplished before Thursday morning. Whoohoo!

Anyway.  I thought I would share just a little before it was all packed up and ready to go.  I’ll save the rest of my projects until I actually get some work done on them.  Stay tuned – who knows what shenanigans the monkeys will be up to!

Happy Quilting to you and I hope your weather is as lovely as our weather is supposed to be the rest of this week with lots of sunshine and warmth.  See you after retreat!


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