The second time Sandra Dee did pull one over on us or or How the Monkeys acquired a blow-up doll.

I know, it’s a lengthy title.  It will also be a bit of a photo bomb as well as a lengthy post (since all of the other posts have been so short….(seriously, why is there not a font for sarcasm?)).

Inez was not able to attend this particular retreat and she had been priding herself on having attended all the retreats to this point so we had to give her a horribly bad time about missing this one.  The reason she was going to be gone was that her son was getting married.  It was a good reason but still did not prevent us from commenting that her son really should have been checking to see when retreat is so as to plan his wedding accordingly.  Of course Inez went to the wedding.  And  of course we did not expect her to stay for retreat.  However, we did not expect her to plot with Sandra Dee.  The two of them had been very busy.

Sandra Dee never comes out to retreat early.  She usually gets off early on Friday or comes our right after work on Friday so really only has the whole day Saturday with us.  Sometimes she even brings out her stuff on Thursday so that her stuff is all ready for her when she gets there.  At this infamous retreat she told us she was coming out with her stuff to get set up and then would be back on Friday.  We didn’t think too much about it until she walked in with a giant inflatable monkey!

  Here he is in a state of deflation.  We howled when she came walking into retreat on Thursday afternoon with that.  She also brought out the rest of her stuff and got all set up for Friday.  Little did we know that her fun was just beginning.  When she left she was laughing at us because she had one more surprise in store for us.  When she came back on Friday she came back with this.  That’s right, that is a genuine blow-up doll.  Sandra Dee and Inez found a blow-up doll and dressed her in Inez’s clothing and taped a picture of her face on it as well.  If you thought we howled when we saw Sandra Dee come in with a giant blow-up monkey, it was nothing compared to the uproar we caused when Sandra Dee came in with an Inez blow-up doll.  What Sandra Dee and Inez weren’t expecting was that the rest of the tribe would take it over.  After all, if “Inez” is going to be at retreat shouldn’t she partake in the same things she would as if she were actually there?

 Here she is sewing at a machine.

 Squaring up some blocks at the cutting table.

  Giving some input on a quilt with Ruby and Hattie.

 Taking a nap on the couch with her book.

 Helping to cook dinner.

  In the chow line (with a non-monkey tribe member who was getting caught up in the fun).

 Eating dinner (or rather dessert…).

  Ironing some fabric.

  We even caught her coming out of the shower (mainly because none of us had really seen a blow-up doll up close and we wanted to check it out).

  She was all ready for Grease night with Sandra Dee and Ruby feeding her popcorn.  Normally we do this for her with grapes.  (Still wishing there was a sarcasm font!)

  Finally getting some shut-eye at the end of the day.  Of course we also bombarded her with photos on her cell phone.  I’m not sure who was having a the better time, Blow-Up Inez or the real Inez.  At the end of retreat, Ruby offered to take blow-up Inez back to the office where she was carefully placed in her chair ready to face a Monday at work.  I don’t think that the real Inez was expecting that.  We did have to make sure she was buckled up safely in the car for the trip back to town.

  After all safety first!

We had quite a bit of fun with blow-up Inez.  While Sandra Dee and Inez were plotting on pulling one over on the rest of us, I think in the end we did more with blow-up Inez than they had anticipated.  I shall leave you here with all us doing what we have termed as the “Inez Salute”.  You probably didn’t know that blow-up dolls don’t have hinged elbows or knees, but then maybe you did….

Happy Quilting!


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