So, today I am stuck.

I did a bit more work in my crafting room the last couple days.  Mainly because I’m still convinced that each project needs better housing than a plastic bag thrown in a tub.  So, I have assorted storage facilities for said projects.  Namely 4 rolling carts, assorted block boxes (you know those flat plastic cases that are about 14″x14″?), and assorted plastic shoe boxes.  While doing some cleaning in other areas of the house I managed to find 4 more plastic shoe boxes (one was missing a lid, but that’s okay) which was perfect for me to house some more UFO’s!  Going through I realized that I didn’t have that many UFO’s left to house.  In fact, after filling the 4 boxes, I found I only had 3 more UFO’s to home.  Two of them are blocks that need some sashing or a setting solution and the last one is a small collection of coordinating fabrics that I will have to flesh out some more.  However, that leads me to being stuck.

Since I was in my crafting room I thought I would put some of my patterns away and whatnot.  While putting those patterns away I found one that would go well with that last small collection of fabrics.  Which, of course got me to thinking.  Hmmm, I have a few other collections of fabric that have no pattern maybe I should find patterns for them!  That would save me some work so that when I decide I want to work on those projects I already will know what needs to be done instead of fondly fondling the fabric and wishing that I had decided on a pattern to use with that fabric.  So, I went to work on another fabric collection that boasted it was enough to do a small quilt or table runner.  I basically amounted to two yards of fabric.  Finally I found a pattern and moved on to the next fabric grouping which leads me to being stuck.

Here are my fabrics:

Aren’t they luscious?  The brown on then end with the spirographs is what I planned for a border.  The light fairy frost next to it is my background.  Well, it will be as soon as I figure out what I’m going to do with them.   Which is why I am now headed off to my quilt design program to see if I can decide what I really want to do.  If you have suggestions, please feel free to share – I know it will take me a little while to make up my mind.


3 thoughts on “So, today I am stuck.

  1. You know you have a lot of fabric when you look at someone else’s stash and realize you have more than one of the fabrics they’re using in a quilt.

    I’m designing a new pattern right now for a class I’m teaching. It looks good with multiple fabrics like you have there. I should have the top put together at retreat. If you like it, I’ll make sure you get a copy once I write it all out.

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