Keep On Keepin’ On

Remember Quilt Poetry?  Well, I’ve been keeping on with my project.  I even took some pictures so you can see how much I’ve accomplished.

Here’s a picture of my pattern – it has different fabric from the one on the website, but remember I’ve had it for a little while now…

 Here are the fabrics I have in my kit.  Aren’t they beautiful?

Here is what I have managed to accomplish.  It’s not very far at this point although I am almost finished tracing them.  Next I’ll get to cut them all out.  Of course as I type this I am starting to wonder that since I’ve traced almost all of it whether or not they will be mirror images.  I guess I will have a little fun figuring out if I’ve done it backwards.  At least I haven’t gotten it fused on to the fabric.  You can see how detailed the pattern is and If I didn’t mention it before, I am so using heat-n-bond.  If I were to try to do the applique by hand I would be working on this forever and I already have one hand applique project to mess up right now.  I figure if I keep plugging along on it eventually I will get better at it.

If you are wondering what that applique project looks like you can find it here.  It is a Halloween Baltimore album and is so cool!  Pearl Pereira is the designer and she does some amazing work.  If you are checking out the Baltimore album, you should check out her state blocks.  They are gorgeous.  Seriously, just beyond words.  If you enjoy applique, you should certainly check out her patterns.

We have just over a week left until retreat.  Unfortunately I still haven’t come up with a good gag.  I’m really going to kick into high gear since there isn’t much time left.  If you have any suggestions I’m certainly open to them!


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