She has arrived!

Well, more accurately I have finally finished playing with her and took some pictures.  I am happy to announce that Rhia Sujata has arrived!  She weights in at 11.4 pounds and feels very dainty beside my Viking.  For those of you curious about how I arrived at her name, I looked up some Indian/Hindu names online as the scroll work on her sent me in that direction.  I found Rhia (meaning Singer) and Sujata (meaning of good caste) and my play on words was complete.  I believe I will call her Rhia for short. Here are some photos of the little darling.

  Isn’t she cute??        The scrollwork here had me thinking of Indian/Hindu names.

Today I did spend a little time in my crafting room.  Mainly I stood in the middle and looked around and decided that I need a little more time to let it gel before I start moving things around again.  So, I took a few minutes to make a card for my friend Lisa who is having a birthday today.  Here is her card.    I’m not terribly good at this but Lisa likes to make cards and she ends up giving all of them away.  I don’t know that she gets a lot of handmade cards back.  I think she gets a few so since today is her birthday I thought that I would make a card for her. I know you can’t really tell that it’s a birthday card and why the heck did I stick those three jewel things in the middle like that?  I don’t know, I was just trying to be creative.  This is not my forte.  I’ve completed one scrapbook from a Disney trip and I have the albums and materials from some other Disney trips but I haven’t gotten any of those albums put together.  Maybe when I finally get my crafting room squared away I can work on that too.  I think my UFO list just grew a little….


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