Have you ever?….

Have you ever wandered aimlessly around your crafting area trying to figure out what to do next?  I find myself doing that more frequently these days.  This time I can blame it on the fact that my crafting room is still torn apart and it’s hard to find workspace when you are still trying to figure out where things are going to live.  I would love to just throw everything into tubs and let it wait, but that really defeats the purpose of cleaning and getting everything settled (and possibly getting rid of things that aren’t necessary).  Right now I’m left with lots of odds and ends (and some of them are sizeable like my tub of fleece).  If my Ikea closet was here I would be able to get my fabric put away and possibly everything else.  Well, that’s what I’m pinning my hopes on.  I think the reality is going to be quite different.  That means I’ll have to be creative in finding homes for things and a little ruthless when it comes to deciding what is really going to stay.  I think all the things that I really *have* to keep have already found their homes.  Whew.

I also have a feeling that if I were to finish some of my projects I could repurpose some storage pieces.  Along the way I have come to the conclusion that it is better for each UFO to have its own space and not in a bag stashed in a big Rubbermaid tub.  I’m a mood sewer and that means that I have to sift through the tub to find what I’m really looking for.  So, I have some drawers and plastic shoe boxes and rolling carts where I have given most of my individual projects their own home.  This also goes for those “someday” projects like the raspberry cream (pink and brown) fabrics that are waiting for a pattern to make their lives complete and the Bears (blue and orange) batiks that are also waiting for a pattern and have been auditioning some greens to see if we need to put the field in there.  They aren’t sure how they feel about those greens yet and they have also been patiently waiting for a pattern.  Then there is the drawer full of some gorgeous teal and brown and cream fabrics that are also shopping for a nice pattern (they haven’t been here long enough to develop a name).

I would like to say that my tub-o-projects is empty and everything has been parceled out  to its own space.  If I did I would be lying.  There are still a few that are in a holding pattern waiting for a spot to open up.  Well, look at that.  My UFO’s have a waiting list.  That’s something you don’t hear about every day.  I would say there are probably ten or less that are waiting for breathing room.

For now I’m wandering around my crafting room (because quilting has to share the space with crochet and writing and photography and scrapbooking) trying to process what project I need to finish first: putting away all the odds and ends that are patiently waiting for their own space or digging out one of the fun fabric combinations that tickles my fancy and lets me get in some quality sewing time.  I think the odds and ends are winning.  At least for now.  Although if I worked on some of the UFO’s space might open up…what a pickle.

Do you find that you like to have your space cleared and ready when you sit down to work on a project? Do you prefer to just give everything a good cleaning after you finish a project?  Perhaps you are a crafter who works in the moment and just moves what you need to in order to work?  I have met some quilters who only buy enough fabric for the project they are currently working on and only work on one project at a time.  I’m not sure how to process that since I don’t work that but I do find it fascinating.  The Monkeys all work differently and Blanche has a great sewing space that is nicely organized.  Sandra Dee is working on getting her sewing room organized based on her crafting needs and Inez, Hazel, and I are doing the same.  I suppose you could say that we’ve been doing that for a while (or at least I have).  I figure one of these days it will all come together and I’ll have a crafting space where I can easily put things away and organize my projects and find what I’m looking for.  For now I’ll just have to dream about it and fantasize about my dreamy Ikea closet and surf the net for more sewing room organizational ideas.


2 thoughts on “Have you ever?….

  1. You can’t even walk in my sewing room right now. I was thinking about sharing a photo on my blog as a sort of motivation to get it cleaned up so I can post a clean organized post next week.

    • mouse7116 says:

      It’s amazing how crazy these craft rooms can get. I’m trying to take my time with this reorganization – hoping that I will finally find the best way for it fit together. Then it will be on to changing some of my habits such as making sure to put everything away when I’m finished with it instead of “doing it later” since “later” never really comes….

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