Honoring one of our fallen.

As quilters we have formed some close relationships.  After all we trade fabric and share ideas and work on charity projects together aside from attending meetings and retreats.  We tend to see each other quite frequently.  Today, I am here to speak on behalf of Juna.  It is a bit ironic that at our last quilty luncheon we talked about  Juna and how she has been sick for a while and that things weren’t looking very good.  We talked about who was going to visit her (Ruby) and about sending cards and whether or not we should send meals.  If you weren’t previously aware, quilting and eating tend to go hand in hand and some of us are quite good in the kitchen.  It was later that afternoon that Sandra Dee called to let me know that Juna had passed.  Ironic that we were just talking about how best to lift her spirits.  Juna always did her best to lift the spirits of everyone around her.

I met Juna through guild.  It could have been a retreat where I learned the most about her and I think I speak for the rest of the monkey tribe in this.  Juna had a very kind heart and family was very important to her and at retreat we became a part of that family.  She managed to talk with everyone at retreat and her husband always made us chocolate mint brownies.  They were very tasty.  Juna had a kind word for all of us and usually at least one story to tell.  There was always a smile on her face when she greeted you as she often worked the entrance table at guild meetings and you could always hear her laughing.

We decided it would best if we went to her visitation together so we could support each other.  Hazel drove Inez, Ruby, E and myself to pay our last respects.  I have to admit that it was a nice visitation.  Her quilts were prominently displayed along with a photo album she had compiled with pictures of her with the quilts she had made over the  years.  There was also a nice photo slide show and you could see her smiling in every picture.  Her favorite color was purple and we all made sure to wear some to honor her.  We were all pleased to see so many flower arrangements especially with purple flowers.  She would have really enjoyed that.

Best of all was seeing her family.  They understood how important quilting was to Juna and were so appreciative  that so many quilters came to see her.  As I may have already mentioned, Juna talked to everyone and always with a kind word.  We did joke about whether we should have brought a 5″ square of fabric to lay on her casket.  She may need them.  I’m not ashamed to say that we did laugh a little while we were there.  She would have appreciated that too.

Godspeed Juna.

Juna is the one on the left.  I don’t quite know why they had “feed bags” taped to their shirts….


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